Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crofton, BC

Brenda and Gina gabbing!


We have left Nanaimo behind but not to far behind we have just moved a few kilometres down the road to the Osborne Bay Resort at Crofton. We have a spot right on the beach here and will spend the evening having dinner with my SIL Janet. This is a pretty little mill town right on the seaside on Osborne Bay. It was difficult to leave John and Gina’s behind they always make you feel so much at home. Their new Bed and Breakfast “A River B&B” should be a big success, they have a beautiful spot along the river on a quiet side street. You can see some of our earlier posts for more photos of their spot. Tough to write much of a story about a 20 mile drive.
Crofton Docks in the background

Here is a shot of our bus on the beach

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