Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Gone

Well, here we are on the verge of leaving on another adventure. We have been pretty busy this week, what with picking up the new outfit on the weekend and then getting it ready and loaded. It now has its satellite TV dish installed and everything working on that. We had a couple of things to get fixed before leaving, first the leveling jacks had some warning buzzers going off stating that they were not retracted. Turns out that between Indiana and here the fluid level dropped a little. No leaks at least that I can find but I added a couple of ounces of fluid and all seems well. There also was a very slow water leak under the bathroom sink, I tightened the fitting as best as I could and it was still leaking so yesterday I took her into the dealership and they fixed it up for us. We did a bunch of running around and got all our vehicle licenses renewed as they expire while we are still away. Brenda got herself a new camera so hopefully we will see some pictures coming from that over the winter. With her behind the lense you might even get some shots of people, not one of my stronger subjects.

We are loading all of the stuff out of the old motorhome and this new one has so much more storage, at least in my area underneath, that it seems like we have nothing at all with us. I am sure we will resolve that issue as the winter goes on though.

Today we have a few more appointments to keep, hair cuts, financial stuff and the doc and then we are hoping to get on the road west towards Vancouver Island sometime tomorrow.

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