Monday, October 20, 2008

Well that's it. Yep, once again I am retired. I had a few things to do today at the office, then a catch up lunch with my middle brother. This afternoon my Dad and I went shopping for a new recliner for his apartment in Calgary. He's decided to spend the winter in town while we are away. A young lady down the road is going to stay in our house and keep an eye on Dad's which is 200 yards away as well as watch out for Meg, our Border Collie, and Socks, Dad's Heeler.

So now it is time to start loading and getting ready for this winters adventure. We have changed our mind a few dozen times about where we are heading for but so far all we know is that if the weather cooperates we are heading over the Rockies to Vancouver Island and catch up with some friends there before we head south. There is no shortage of things to do but it will all get done on time, maybe. Well if it doesn't we will be right on the schedule we don't have. Oh yah, the new bus has arrived and we picked it up on Saturday. On the whole it is all we had hoped for, there have been a few glitches but nothing that I haven't been able to fix up with some instructions over the phone or via email from the great folks at Woody's RV on the west side of Calgary. I've only got one photo of it so far but by the end of the winter you'll be sick of looking at her.

Well that will have to do for now. We are going to test out the Sleep number bed tonite so this will be our first night in the new home.

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