Friday, October 24, 2008

On the Road

Well we made it over two ranges of mountains and a bunch of construction sites and have arrived a little west of Chase, BC. We are staying at the Ponderosa Pines RV Park. It is alongside the Trans-Canada Highway and just across that I can see the mainline of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Maybe not the greatest location but it is a pretty spot and the lady that operates it is very friendly. We fueled up at the Shell station in Salmon Arm, not the most accessible site for a rig this size pulling an SUV but with some grease and a little curb climbing we made it in and out with no scrapes or dents. The new outfit works just great, up hill and dale with no problem and it handles on the road much better than our old Chieftain. It has the new PowerBridge chassis from Freightliner and so far it seems a better model that the older one. Time will tell though. We are still trying to figure out some things though. This unit has a high tech radio, CD, MP3, satellite radio player combined with the rear vision camera and the side vision camera's as well as the GPS. I am not familar with the GPS so have the old (last years) Garmin 7200 on the dash as I like its features better. While we are towing I like to have the rear vision camera on just to be able to glance back and check on the jeep now and then. Every time you signal the side vision camera's take over the screen and when that is done the screen defaults to the radio rather than back to the rearview. Hopefully there is a way to change that but who know how. Give me something to do in the evenings I guess.

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