Sunday, October 26, 2008

Onto the Island

Well for all those who are wondering, we got out of Dan and Starla’s drive without getting stuck, blocking traffic, or wrecking anything. We are right at the moment sitting at the ferry dock in Horseshoe Bay near West Vancouver getting ready to hit the waves. This is a pretty tough outfit to sit and wait in, what with all the comforts of home including TV and the Internet. This is what they mean when say “Roughing it, Smoothly”. Oh yah and for all those who were wondering about the cost for the ferry, it’s high but still not as bad as a few hotel rooms. I’ll finish this later after I see whether or not I can get into John Joe and Gina’s driveway without incident.

We made it off the ferry in Nanaimo and down to John Joe and Gina’s, the spot in their driveway is perfect. No problems at all. They have a beautiful spot along side the Nanaimo River overlooking a popular swimming hole at a place called the trestles for those of you who know the river. I most certainly will have some photos for you tomorrow.

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