Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stuck, EH! - October 25, 2008

We left Chase in the morning and headed over the Coquihalla Highway to Chilliwack. There was some snow on the road in the high spots past Logan Lake, but nothing in the driving lane. We stopped along the way in Merritt to replenish our propane. There are some pretty steep hills along this route both up and down but the outfit negotiated them with no problems.
Once we arrived in Chilliwack we decided we had better unhook the Jeep before attempting the corner into Dan and Starla’s acreage. Even with the Jeep unhooked we managed to get stuck in the driveway. After a lot of standing around looking we called the Automobile Club to send a wrecker out to drag us out. However while we were waiting we figured that if we could lift the back left wheel off the ground and get something under it we would be able to free ourselves. With the help of the levelling jack and a huge 3 x 18 plank that Dan had, we managed to back ourselves out, just as the wrecker arrived. This was probably the only solution that would let us escape our predicament without incurring any damage to the new coach. Once we got out, we were able to attempt an entrance from another angle and get onto the acreage, and tomorrow we are hopeful we will be able to leave. However if that doesn’t come to pass we have power and the company of friends for the winter, LOL.
We enjoyed a nice visit with Dan and Starla and Dan’s son Taylor. Just before supper was ready Starla’s friend Sandra showed up on the scene with some Yorkshire puddings to go with the roast beef we were eating. The meal was excellent and their house is beautiful.

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