Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday at the Grand Canyon

Weekends at the Grand Canyon are busy times, especially when you have almost perfect weather to boot. Everywhere we went today there was an over abundance of people. Over at Mather Point this morning it was standing room only for the sunrise. Interestingly enough the folks with real type cameras were almost to a person facing away from the actual sunrise trying I guess to catch the morning light on the canyon, while the iphonographers were all facing towards the sun, holding their phones over their heads, almost as if they were beseeching RA, the sun god, to bestow his blessings on them. Hope it worked.
I took the shot above as I was leaving the point and I would say at least half if not more of the folks had already left.
Mather Point Canyon views
Brenda and I went over to the Yavapai viewpoint at midday and once again there were a bunch of folks wandering along the Rim trail there, but gladly none of them were hanging over the edge getting in the way.
Tonight I went back to Moran Point, where I was yesterday morning for the sunrise to see what happens there at Sunset. The crowd followed me, or I followed them, not sure, and here there were a couple of guys desperately trying to become Instagram famous by scaling the rocks and leaning over the edge. I try to avoid having those folks in my shots, my own dislike of heights keeps my heart in my throat watching them so I soon go somewhere else to try to get something decent without their participation.
And that is all there was for today in the Canyon report.


  1. Your views were spectacular. There will always be those few that annoy the rest of us, I think it’s a law only those few know about.


  2. Gorgeous pictures once again. I just can't watch people trying to kill themselves getting a selfish.