Sunday, October 29, 2023

Pizza and more Carrot Cake

We spent another day chilling at the Lazy D, and along about 1:00PM headed into Seligman to grab lunch. We had a huge pizza and left with about half of it in a box, then decided to stop in at Lilo's for another chunk of that Carrot Cake they dish out. A couple of day ago we split a piece between the four of us but today we decided we each needed our own dessert. Brenda and Linda had some kind of cream Pie while Dave and I each a huge chunk of Carrot Cake. I think we both brought half of our cake home afterwards. The rest of the day was just spent hanging out. Today was a little chilly so that was done inside, so none of the mythical locusts were spotted on this day.
Our plan is to hook up and roll a little further south tomorrow, always searching for the perfect temperature. We wandered over to the barn to say goodbye to the critters but they were all inside eating their evening repast, and only Annie came out, maybe to say, what, are you guys still here I thought you were leaving today? All in good time Annie, all in good time.

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