Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Salt Lake City is an INTERESTING Drive

Today we wandered on out of Shoshone-Bannock territory and headed southwards on I-15. The plan was to hit Salt Lake City sometime in the late morning and see how the traffic treated us. Our strategy is to find a transport truck and tuck in behind him in a centre lane and just meander our way along. Most folks don’t like following those big trucks, probably because they block the visibility, but my opinion is that they make great road clearers, and you can actually keep a safe distance back from them without the other folks forever cutting in front of you and occupying the space you need to stop if anything untoward should happen. That said I have always said SLC is about a ¼ mile wide and a hundred miles long, so it is a little stressful. As it happens we set the cruise for about 8-10 MPH slower than the traffic around us and they just flew by giving us all the space we needed. Never had to touch the cruise the entire trip through. We slipped into the Wally World in Orem, Utah to do our re-provisioning, it was a big parking lot with lots of room for our big outfit. With that done we got back out on the road. As we had been coming south we had been discussing our planned visit to the Moab area. It seems that every RV’er on the planet is over there and sites are hard to come by, even if you are inclined to pay someone $150/night to park your own home. We couldn’t come up with a landing spot over there so called an audible and decided we would keep heading southward into Nevada. Brenda’s CRPS is flaring up and sometimes a little CBD cream can help with that, and with Utah not being a weed friendly state we decided Nevada was our next stop tomorrow. Today we are holed up in Fillmore, at the KOA here. Pretty nice spot, far enough off the highway to be quiet and a good spot to fill what needs to be filled and empty what needs to be emptied before we slip out into a desert somewhere tomorrow. Stay tuned and hopefully you will know where that is just a little bit after we figure it out.
Just an interesting side note, as we have been coming south the price of Diesel Fuel here in the USA is higher than in Fort McLeod, Alberta. The first time we paid less than we did in Fort McLeod was here in Utah, and from all reports it is climbing back up once we leave and head into Nevada and Arizona. Now on the surface our prices look higher but with the exchange figured in, it is Alberta and their UCP government that are giving their citizens a break on the cost of getting to and from work.


  1. A great idea to follow a semi, although I find they are usually too speedy for me to follow very far. Boon docking sounds good after SLC, a bit of peace and quiet. Safe travels.


  2. We always stayed at the Fairgrounds in Blackfoot. Even in my little car, I did the same thing. Found a truck and sailed through SLC behind it. The drive through the Virgin River Gorge was interesting and beautiful. Hope Brenda can get some help and feel better. Diesel is expensive in AZ but it actually has cone down a little bit. Safe travels.