Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Hanging with the Shoshone Bannock folks

Today is a sitting still day. We over did the traveling yesterday and decided that we would just hang here with the Shoshone Bannock folks for another day before re-starting our journey southward. As usual there are things to do around the RV, those who RV know that is a constant struggle to keep things working well and do the occasional upgrade as well. That will keep me out of trouble while my travel partner recuperates from our long drive yesterday. Well, as the day went on I didn’t get everything done that I had planned on, but I did lighten our load a little by sorting through some baskets that have just been collecting stuff for the last few years and disposing of it all in the bin here at the campground. That and sorting out some storage areas that needed a little organizing. Other than that I wandered about the campground and visited with some of the other folks coming and going here, so just basically made a nuisance of myself. I did see a few interesting plants and played with my camera there.
The plan is to get back on the road tomorrow and get a little further south and maybe even venture into a grocery store for a little reprovisioning trip.

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  1. You play well with the camera! There is always something to do around a rig or house, it never ends. However, we do need something to keep us out of trouble. Safe travels.