Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Another Day

Today was just another day down here at Dogpound South. We were not doing anything exciting and we managed to get all the unpacking from our weekend excursion done yesterday so it is just a matter of marking time till the next ride on Wednesday.

Brenda needed to run into town for some supplies so it was off to Costco for us. That place seems to have a minimum $200.00 charge to get back out and today was even worse as our membership had expired so we needed to renew that first.


And just for our friend Heather we stopped after we were done our shopping and enjoyed a great lunch at an even better price. While she was running off to London, England for a grilled cheese sandwich we had our usual here at our favourite old folks eatery.


And for those of us on a fixed income once you include the tax it is still only $3.27 for the two of us to dine.

And then it was back off to Dogpound South for another enjoyable day in the sunshine, and some playing with the Security detail. They need to keep in top notch shape just in case they are called to duty.




  1. Took me a minute to spot the ball that you tossed out there for them to chase. I was lookin for a rabbit or somethin.....!!!

  2. Sorry , no grilled cheese picture and I can tell you that 2 grilled cheese sandwiches would have really set you back £10 for two!! I love Costco hot dogs too!

  3. Nice looking dogs :) lol The four of them.

  4. Love them dogs, both the Costco kind and the security detail kind.

    I love London, but not the exchange rates. I have to ensure I buy a round trip ticket because I'm always way broke when I'm due to come home.

  5. We love the Costco dogs as well, but in Oregon it is only 3 bucks flat, no tax! Our Medford run usually includes Costco dogs unless we decide to splurge and go to Red Lobster or McGraths for fish. Sadly, there isn't a fish restaurant any where near Klamath Falls. So the cheap 1.50 dogs require a 90 mile round trip, but so worth it!

  6. Looks like a great lunch to me... always good to enjoy a good deal!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. Nothing wrong with 'just another day' - those are all good!

    Costco hot dogs are one of my favourite lunches!

  8. Your just having too much fun out there. Here I am in Louisiana in a Hotel Room reading about your adventure and wishing I was there to enjoy it with you. One more year and we will be free to go.

    Joe and Sherri

  9. You guys are having just too much fun!

    Karen and Steve
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