Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting out of Dodge

It is getting a little slow around here, just the way we like it. We took the horses for a ride yesterday first thing in the morning and then hung out watching for the Century Link guy to come and hook up our internet. Once he had visited we had to watch for the UPS guy who was bringing our modem. Once we got all the pieces it only took us about 10 minutes to hook it all up and get online. And boy after 10 years of dial-up, satellite and finally air cards we are moving at light speed now.

I was wandering around the place late yesterday afternoon and noticed what looked like some wet spots on the ground over where Brenda parks her Jeep. Now remember we are in Arizona and springs don’t just appear in the desert without some kind of divine intervention and we haven’t left the place so might have notice that type of thing happening. Further investigation led me to a more likely cause, Brenda’s Jeep was dripping oil on the ground. Now remember it had just been into the shop for an oil change a couple of days ago so I guessed they had let the oil collect on the crossmember below the oil plug, it has happened before. A quick check dismissed that simple solution, dipstick was dry. Well Brenda was on the phone to Henry Brown Chrysler, “number one in customer satisfaction in Arizona”, and told them to get a tow truck up and pick up the Jeep and get it back down to their shop and figure out what they had screwed up. The tow truck arrived at 6AM this morning so as to have it on their doorstep when they opened at 7AM. It took them 5 hours to get back to us but they have figured out that a cracked oil cap is the problem and that part is on order.

Time will tell how this story ends but Brenda is all set to go to war if need be with the folks at Henry Brown’s Chrysler, soon to risk their #1 spot in customer satisfaction.

But back to the title, the rest of the day here we spent working towards making sure we are ready to head off tomorrow for the Dragoon Mountains in SE Arizona. We are joining some soon to be friends for a ride into the Dragoons. Ought to be a blast and I will try to get some photos of the adventure.

Once we got that high speed internet working the other day we put out a call to our kids to see if we could hook up with our grandchildren on Skype and today Becky and Kashton made our afternoon with their visit.

Video call snapshot 125


  1. Isn't Skype the greatest thing? We have some minor issues due to the time difference, so that can be a bit of a drag some times, but it's nice to see the kids once in a while.

  2. How fun is that--Kashton seems to be looking straight at you!

  3. Darn suspicious, you drove the Jeep all the way from Canada and it didn't leak any oil. But they change it and break the oil cap. This one should be on the house for sure!

    Kashton looks like he is in disbelief that his grandma is in that box!!

  4. Kashton sure looks entranced at what he's seeing on the computer screen - he is a cutie!

    Too bad about the cracked oil cap, sure hope that turns out ok with no further problems.

  5. We love Skype, we're on it a lot with our grandkids. Your little guy looks like he's amazed at the technology, I am too.

    Hope that oil cap solves the problem, sounds a little strange to me.