Saturday, February 19, 2011

Took a little trip

This morning we got up bright and early and headed to Foothills to visit some of our RV’ing friends. This is the sunrise from our porch this morning.


The weatherman was calling for a little rain and Lord knows we could use it here at Dogpound South. The dust has been driving Brenda to distraction as it is insidious when it comes to sneaking in every crack and cranny of both the motorhome and the mobile here on our southern headquarters. We had to get through a little of it to get out of town. The picture below shows the highway and a power pole and not much of either.


But never sleet nor hail nor snow or a dusty road could get in the way of our little run over to visit with our friends. They were gathering at noon at Kevin, Arlene, Donnie and Karen’s place to have an early happy hour and share some appetizers with us.


They have a great spot with a garage they can use if the weather is inclement as well as a patio and the big bonus a washroom and shower complete with washing machine in the place next door owned by the same lady. Perfect spot for a little gathering. Thanks to Bob and Molly, Keith and Donna, Mac and Netters, Donnie and Karen, Kevin and Arlene for having us over for a visit and especially Bob and Phyllis, who is recovering from a dancing accident, for coming by.

The scenery along the way was pretty special also and made the 326 mile round trip well worth it, although all the appy’s and good fellowship needed no help.


Happy Birthday Dad



  1. Egad! I don't think I'd drive in that dust storm to visit anyone! :)

  2. Sounds like a GREAT time with friends... only wish I had been there!!! LOL
    Have fun and travel safe