Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Joys of Home Ownership

Started the day the same as most days and went on a walkabout around the neighbourhood. Sure gives me a great excuse to see what everyone is up to in the morning and gives me an idea of what we need to do around our place.

The local handyman Ray and the fellow we are buying the property from were over today and are working on the water supply line. Originally the master shut off valve was not working correctly so they started to change that out and as plumbing jobs are apt to do things got a little more complicated. As a result it will probably be tomorrow before the water is back on around here. Luckily for us we are pretty much self contained here and have enough water on hand for days.

Tonight cousin Mike invited us out to dinner as this was his last night in town. We went over to the local watering hole for supper and from all reports everybody's meal was excellent although it did take them a while to get it all prepared.


Our friends Lee, Hazel, Mike and Brenda, the other folks at the table suffered from the photographer ineptness so I won’t put up the pictures of Ruby, Brian, Bill, Bobbi



  1. Congrats on the purchase of 'Dogpound South'! It's great that you found a place in an area that you really like hanging around in.

    I hope everything works out well for you and Brenda with your new winter home!

  2. What no pictures of the food??What up with that run out of film?? lol

  3. Great news on your new place. It nice how things fall in to place when the timing is right.

    Did you have to pay extra to get the Bud Light on your table into those fancy containers??? ;c)

  4. Enjoy your "Southern Home".
    Hope everything turns out to be a great home.
    See Ya down the road.

  5. Just that much time to visit and have a laugh or two