Sunday, February 13, 2011

Signed and Sealed

Got my walk in early today and then Brenda and I hit the garage sale circuit looking for a few things for the new place. There is not a lot of stuff on our place but one thing that needs to go is the pile of tumbleweeds and old orchard trees piled up out back. I have been dragging out the trees big enough to cut up for firewood and the rest we will burn. Like most places there is a restriction on burning rubbish but I am thinking with a package of hot dogs and a wiener stick I can have a good old fashion bonfire and accomplish the same end.

The guys have the plumbing fixed up good as new and a few other things that were outstanding fixed. Today we headed on down to the title company and signed all the papers so once the previous owners sign their stuff the place is ours.

Google Shot February 7, 2011

Things move fast in the Real Estate business around here. We will be off early in the morning to hit some other garage sales and then probably back here for the local Swap Meet that runs every weekend just down at the end of our street. Lot’s of deals to be had there too….lol.

We got everything we, well, I, was looking for at the garage sales, I needed a shovel and a rake and we hit the one that mentioned them in their ad moments before they started so I was able to snatch those up right off the bat. I needed something to lean on around here while Brenda is working and organizing everything. She managed to pick up a few things for the new digs and is spending the rest of the day moving that stuff and the furniture already in the house around so she is enjoying herself I guess. Once we got back to the Swap Meet I picked up a few movies and my partner managed to find a few more deals as well as some of the produce that they sell just across the street.

Sunday started off with a walk and then it was time to tackle that pile of Tumbleweeds in the back forty. After dragging all the trees out of the pile it was just a matter of time till those tumbling tumble weeds were set free as smoke to continue their journey across the landscape. Hot work so it is a good job out of the way early in the day. And then it was time to soak up a little sunshine.

Tonight we were over to Mike and Kathy’s, the folks who sold us our place, for supper. They had about 30 folks drop by for dinner and there were enough appetizers on hand that these folks could be RV’ers…

The shot below was the taken from their place this evening, although I am sure we had a great sunset here at Dogpound South.




  1. It sounds wonderful, and I hope you post some pictures soon. That was really quick!

  2. how exciting for the two of you...happy burning and cleaning up!!!

  3. Yep, sure know what you mean by that cleaning up & burning them darn old tumbly weeds. I was doing the same thing here where we are. Great to be outside doing something constructively physical again. Gotta love this RV life eh:))

  4. Congrats on your new landing pad.

    Now does this mean you're now Canaicans or Amerians?

    Either way, enjoy your new place. :c)

  5. Congrats, JB and Brenda.

    And I guess congrats to any horses that will come down here with you. I am sure they will love to be out of the cold Canadian winds in the winter.
    Really looking forward to seeing pictures of the home, RV pad, barn, fields and anything else of interest. Even sheds are interesting to me!

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  6. Good job John. congrat's.Now you'll have plenty to do!!!

  7. Congrats on the completion of Dogpound South! You and Al may be on your way to becoming 'land barons' of the southwest!