Monday, February 21, 2011

Fencing and Stuff

Today bright and early the crew showed up to get started on our fence. It is a 5 foot no-climb with a top rail so it should keep all but the most determined critters in or out whichever the case may be, but sadly I am thinking the dust will still get through, much to Brenda’s chagrin. Meg is pretty good about not wandering off here but she is still tempted by our neighbour and his friends when they have a campfire at night and all those sticks for her to fetch. Today they got the perimeter laid out and all the fence post holes drilled and the posts set in them. There are still a few posts to put on our interior cross fences and then I am guessing they will go to cementing them all in place.

While all that work was going on Brenda and I headed into the Phoenix metroplex to do some shopping. We needed to make a Camping World run so that we can park the rig a little farther from the mobile and kind of in the grove of trees we have out back. That means we need a little more cord to bring the power over there. Also had to drop off a pair of riding boots to get some soles replaced. Must have wore them out shopping or something. Then it was off to Mesa to stop in and say “see ya down the road” to our friends Rod and Loyce. They are heading back east towards Kansas City tomorrow and we won’t likely cross trails with them till we all get back here in the fall. And of course while we were there Brenda had to spoil their cute little dog, Biscuit. Now that pup has energy, holding her leash is like trying to keep control of the Tasmanian Devil in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. Travel safe good friends and may the Lord be with you till next our trails cross.

After the stop in Mesa it was time to take my girl out for lunch so we stopped by Sam’s, picked up a few things, and then I splurged on the Polish Dog combo’s for both of us. Gotta luv lunch for two for $3.27, and that includes the tax too. Thought I would throw that in as my friend Heather loves to hear how we are getting by on that pension she is working so hard to keep flowing. Enjoy the Fort’s Heather. You’ve taken me and my RV’ing friends on tours of Australia, India and of course lately Baja California with your journeys, how about a trip complete with photo’s of your three Fort’s, McMurray, MacKay and Chip. I know I would like to see where some of that diesel fuel I am burning is coming from.

This morning my Mom began her journey down to join my brother and his young family on the beaches of Costa Rica. Hop over to his journal, Bunch of Brown’s on a Beach, and see what they are up down there in the sun and surf. Here is a picture I ripped off from his blog and I think Dogpound South may need a more southern beachfront branch…lol.





  1. Be careful what you wish for, JB.
    THE BIG ONE might just make your place waterfront!

    It will make you feel safer having that lovely fence around you. You never know about those wild critters.
    Shame it won't keep out the dust, but then maybe it will just blow on through.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. such a big spender you are!..great lunch date!!!..good for you!

  3. Nice to see Dog Pound
    South taking shape. Thanks for the invite over. By the time we got to that park west of Casa Grande we were beginning to think we might be better off in Gila Bend anyway because of the slide problem we are having. Maybe we'll get up your way next time up through the neighborhood. Surprised to hear Rod & Loyce are heading back east already....

  4. You won't believe it but when I read the title to your blog today I immediately thought of the sport of fencing - you know, En Garde! I was beginning to wonder what are they doing now!

  5. I thought a cowboy's favorite song was "Don't Fence Me In". ;c)

    Oh, I forgot, you were an oilman, silly me!