Monday, February 7, 2011

Supercuts, Super Bowl, and Dogpound South

Hard to keep up with what is happening around this place. We have been a little busy what with volunteering to be “chute crew” for some of the roping practices here as well as moving the acreage deal forward. Yesterday I was over at Blaine Peterson’s running the chute and hauling the heel-matic around so the guys could brush up their skills before a jackpot today.


Once we got the roping done with we headed back to Lee and Hazel’s to watch the Super Bowl and get our hair cut. Yep I know a different Super Bowl party than most folks were at but Gay who was a hairdresser in Viking, Alberta for many years is down staying in Lee and Hazel’s yard along with her husband Glenn and she was setting up to give Lee and Glenn a trim so Brenda and I both horned in and got ours sheared also. It was definitely time for me and what a better way to get ‘er done.

After the Super Cuts we chowed down on some of Brenda’s Taco Soup and cornbread, followed up by a fresh baked apple pie and ice cream. Soon after supper was over the Packers had won the game and we headed back to our rig for an early night.

Today started off with a short walk, the real estate agent called and wanted us to meet up this morning as she had a horse to haul later in the day. We met Mike and Kathy, the folks who owned this place, and whom we actually made the deal with so it was no time at all until we had all the papers signed and now it is just up to the title company to do their thing and it is really ours.

Notwithstanding the fact that the closing won’t take place till next week these good Canadian folks are insisting that we move on right away so later in the day we moved our rig out of Lee and Hazel’s place and on down to our soon to be spot, Dogpound South. There is actually only a small mobile home, in good shape, and a tack room/garden shed on the property right now so Brenda and I are free to dream and do it how we like it without a lot of somebody else’s dreams getting in our way. Seems like we have settled, with some compromise on both sides, on about a 50/50 split between horse property (mine) and desert garden showplace (hers). We have also picked a couple of spots for hookups so that our RVing friends will have a spot to stop and visit us when they go by. Right at the moment we certainly have a lot of boondocking spots but that is about the extent of it. We are using all the power and water hookups available.

We are planning on getting back out to Bouse but with the closing happening pretty quickly we are not sure when that will be.

Here is a shot of Brenda meeting our new neighbours Bernice and Adrian and their pups, one of whom is a 3 month old Rotti female friend for Mack Matt!




  1. Looking good out there guys. Might have to do a little fencing for the horses. The mobile looks totally livable & ready to move in. Looks like you got a good spot there at Dogpound South for sure:))

  2. Dogpound South looks pretty good guys. We are holding down the fort out here in the desert.

  3. Oh man i am so glad for you yipee yahoo,ride em cowboy :)

  4. looks like a nice place to 'hang your hat' for a while!!!..good for you guys!!

  5. Wow, you guys sure moved fast on that land... great place for locating yourselves in the wonderful USA!
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Dogpound South... how nice that you have found something you like. I just know there will be a lot of great times held there!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  7. Looks like there's plenty of open space for Brenda to work her desert garden magic. You guys lucked out on that piece of property about the way our son & dil did on the acreage they are buying.