Friday, February 4, 2011

A Long Ways “Down the Road from Dogpound”

I started off as usual with a walk around the neighbourhood to wear off the effects of all the great food we are consuming here on a daily basis. Not sure it is working, I will either have to walk a lot farther or start exercising a different way, maybe use Grandpa’s exercise plan, you know the one where you put both hands on the table and push….lol. Hard to imagine that happening surrounded by great cooks as I am.

About noon Brenda I jumped in the truck and took a tour around the neighbourhood looking for places to park our rig on a more permanent basis. We had gotten a tip from one of the girls at last nights party that a friend of theirs was looking to get out of small clean mobile home sitting on a little over three acres of ground. After looking at all the other offerings and inspecting this one in a more detailed way we went on our way. I conscripted our host here who is active in the local real estate market to come and have a look at the place as I value his opinion on what is the right spot and price.

We came back to his place and he got his horse and steers ready for a little practise. He and Hazel have a pretty good routine where Hazel drags the dummy and Lee can get a little warm-up.


Before we turned the steers out to add a little reality to the exercise.


After roping practise we headed over for another of Brenda’s great meals, this time with Lee, Hazel, Glenn, Gaye and a special guest appearance from my cousin Mike who is down here enjoying the below average temperatures and doing a little roping of his own.

While dinner was cooking I was talking to the owner of the property and just before supper was served we made an offer on the place and although we haven’t done the paperwork the offer was accepted verbally so I am thinking that in due course we will have a southern base (Dogpound South…way south) here in Thunderbird Farms south of Maricopa.



  1. sounds like you are going to have your own 'rv park' soon!..good for you!!!!

  2. Good for you! Looks like a great spot, close to everything, especially the desert! LOL

  3. Will we be seeing you roping and riding soon?? :)


  4. Well guys, you sure have peaked our interest this morning in that Maricoapa area. We are a wee bit familiar with that area west of Casa Grande. Kelly has been busy on the Real Estate site this morning & we just may roll up there for a look see when we leave here soon. It certainly is a buyer's market alright & what a great location that is for everything. And, it's in the Sonoran desert, home of the Saguaro cactus. We liked Casa Grande when we were last there a couple years ago. I think we just might have a little excitment building here this morning:)))

  5. Congratulations, pics please

  6. Congrats on your southern real estate purchase. Can't wait to see pictures of Dogpound South.

    Better yet, can't wait to see pics of you roping and riding!

  7. Congrats on the offer to purchase. Wow! Sounds nice too.

    That could wll have been us you saw the other day when we left Mesa for Yuma. We were on I-10 south through Maricopa. Didn't see you wave....but then again, I guess I wasn't looking.

    I share your comment about Canadian in Maricopa. Seems like Yuma is home away from home for Albertans, Saskatchewanites, Manitobans and a few BC'ites too.

  8. Wow Congrats!!!!!

    Does it have a barn, or a place that you can bring Blue???

    Maybe you can put in some visitors RV pads!!! Just kidding!!

    Anyway you are going to be a permanent winter fixture around here, and that is good!

    Rod and Loyce

  9. Good thing! With the price of gas going up, you'll need a place to stay down here.

    Congrats on the new "Homested".

  10. Is this the same Maricopa with that tough Sheriff? Better behave yourselves?


    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard