Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Their Here!!

The Kendalls have arrived. Our friends have made the first leg of their long journey from “wherever USA” to Alaska and we are glad they chose our place as their first stopover on that journey. We like to think that the attraction is US but I think that we live in the middle of one of the most beautiful spots in North America and in close proximity to Canada’s Mountain Parks has a lot to do with their choice. Well however they came to be here we will certainly enjoy our time together. Now if you are an Rver you know the first thing you do when you meet other of the same ilk is EAT, and we certainly did that. Brenda had a feast of Back Ribs, (look out Tony Roma), Cheesy Potatoes, Caesar Salad, and of course Frozen Peanut Butter Pie ready to go once we got them settled into their spot in our yard.

Once dinner was over we sat back down around the fire and continued catching up on what has been happening since we last saw them, way back in Kerrville, Texas in the spring of 2009. Although it seems to be a long time ago the fact that we keep up with their travels through their blog, Keeping Up with the Kendalls, makes it seem as if it was just a few weeks since we last broke bread.

Yesterday we thought we should share some of the natural beauty of our home province with Deb and Rod so we headed off at, for Deb, the early hour of 10 A.M. for Banff National Park and the Lake Louise area.

 Lake Louise

Now Lake Louise although a little cloudy and subjected to a shower every now and then was no where near as cold as these huddled folks make it look.

The Kendalls and Lake Louise

Once we got Deb and Rod unthawed here we moved on down the Valley to Moraine Lake, or the Valley of the Ten Peaks as it as known. A photo of this place for many years was on the back of the Canadian twenty dollar bill. Now these photo’s don’t do justice to the beauty of the place so we may have to go back later in the summer.

Moraine Lake

Deb has been telling us for a long time that she wanted to see some wildlife while she was here and we managed to find a few as we wandered down the Banff Parkway. These Bighorn rams were hanging out along the trail just waiting to have their photo’s snapped.

 Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep 

And this Black Bear was on his way down to visit closer with Rod and Deb, that sure got folks back in the truck in a hurry, so we didn’t feed any of our visitors to the bears.

 Black Bear

Even back at the farm the wildlife was making their first appearances of the spring. These little fellows made their debut first thing yesterday morning so in an old tradition around this farm I will name the little black and white one Deb and the gray one on the left Rod, the other two we will just call the Kendalls, to help us remember this good time.

The Kendalls

Now one of the things Deb asked to see specifically when she got up here was our resident moose, and as luck would have it they must to off on a vacation of their own because although we have been looking we haven’t seen on since the night before they arrived. This van was the closest we have come so far but we will continue the quest.


Today we are off to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller to visit some of Canada’s oldest wildlife and hopefully we will get some photo’s of them.

Just so we don’t miss out on any moose we might cross paths with I am including this photo of a fellow heading off to work with his big friend as a reminder of what they look like.

Moose at Work


  1. Oh what lovely pictures and a great tour you have taken them on. LOVED the pic of the Valley of Ten Peaks. What a great shot!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Wow! What great wildlife photos!