Monday, June 21, 2010


(Shock, Trauma, Air Rescue Society)

Friday we got the lawns cut around the farm and loaded up the bus and the horse trailer and headed for Alliance, Alberta. Boy it felt good to get those big wheels rolling again. Alliance is a couple of hundred miles away from our place here down the road from Dogpound and because of the wet spring we have had here in Alberta it was a pretty nice drive through a very green landscape.

We were off to visit our friends Derek and Shawna James and their kids, Kacee, Jessika (Finegan), and Justin as well as participating in a trail ride for S.T.A.R.S. The STARS outfit provides air rescue in services in Alberta and long term readers will recall our friend Sherry Schmidts incident in a previous blog, so with that in mind we thought this was a cause we would certainly support. Not that we need a lot of encouragement to take our horses for a ride in new country. The ride was along the Battle River Valley SE of Alliance and crossed a number of local ranchers places, thanks to those folks for allowing us the pleasure of crossing through their beautiful places, including the J4 that our friends the James are soon to call home.

Winding through the J4

Here is a shot of the “James Gang”, our host Derek and his two daughters Kacee on the right and Jessika on the left.

The James Gang


John and Brenda Brown   

We certainly had a great day riding this beautiful valley and will be back soon.

We had such a great time on this ride we are thinking that the Rumsey Ag Societies S.T.A.R.S ride on August 8th may be just as much fun and through the beautiful Red Deer River Valley this time. But that is a long way off right now and as many of you know all our plans are cast in jello, so only time will tell for sure.

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  1. It sure looks like beautiful country. Wish I was there.