Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Today we took a spin out east to Drumheller and the Royal Tyrrell Museum with Rod and Deb. This museum is a world class facility and the focus is dinosaurs, although they do cover the entire eons of earth’s history. There are a lot of displays of local and international fossils as well as some mock-ups with habitat and fellow critters in evidence.

Drumheller Drumheller

I am not sure Deb and Brenda enjoyed this place as much as Rod and I as they seemed to spend more time in the Gift Shop than the museum. There certainly is a lot of stuff to see and hundreds of plaques to read. We probably spent 4 hours making our way through the exhibits with a break along about the Devonian era for the picnic lunch Brenda packed for us. Then it was back to our walk through the ages.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Once we got done there at the museum we headed up the river to catch the Bleriot Ferry back to the west side of the Red Deer River.

Bleriot Ferry 

Once we got home Brenda was busy in the kitchen again and I once again ate to much, once they allowed me to get my own plate………lol.

Steak and Pacific Prawns

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