Monday, June 21, 2010

Head West Young Man!

Good advice but you don’t have to be to young to profit from heeding it. Rod and Deb headed for Alaska on Friday morning and it was a little quiet around here without them so Saturday Brenda and I jumped in the pickup and took a little spin out to the West Coast. First stop was our friend Starla’s Saturday night for a BBQ with her and some of her friends. Dan her fellow did and excellent job of cooking dinner and entertaining all of us.

Sunday we jumped across the border to attend a memorial for my Aunt Elsie who passed away last winter. She had a beautiful cottage overlooking the Bay and wanted her ashes spread there in her favourite spot. All my cousins were in attendance so we had a little visit and then we ran for the border and hopped on a ferry to Vancouver Island. So I am not sure that those hours will be counted against our allotment next winter.

Our final destination that day was the Odo’s place overlooking the Nanamio River.   

 The Odo's Place

This sure is a beautiful spot and a great place to recharge your batteries. I could sit on the deck all day and listen to the water rushing by and the birds chirping. It is a fantastic location and John and Gina have done a fantastic job of fixing up their spot in Paradise. They run a Bed and Breakfast here called the Riverside B&B and if you are looking for a spot to hide out from the rat race they have the keys.

The shot below was taken from the shoreline right in front of their place.

River View

And here is our hostess enjoying the evening sunshine and giving Cleo a little swim and some exercise.

River View

Tuesday we took a trip up to the little town of Coombs on the Island to wander through the market and some of the shops there. Coombs is a kind of neat little town with a collection of interesting shops and a great market. This fellow was hanging around the shop and said in another life he would have been a cowboy. Seriously though the carving is incredible on this and many of the other statues in this shop


Wednesday we again headed off down the road towards home. We caught the 10:30 Ferry to Horseshoe Bay and then made it to Sicamous, Canada’s Houseboat Capital, where we spent the night and then hopped over the Rockies to home. We are only here for the night and tomorrow we head off on another journey.

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