Friday, June 4, 2010

Just Hanging!

Holy smokes time flies. We have been home from the mountains for 10 days and although we always seem to be doing something, nothing seems to get done.

We have been doing some things with the horse trailer to make it a little more comfortable for our horses when we are in the mountains. As there are no corrals there they spend there off time tied to the trailer and I like to be able to give them a little shelter from the elements. Our stock trailer has a pretty good awning and stall system but the new bumper pull needs a little work. I have looked at a lot of different setups and I think with the help of the folks at our local fabrication shop I should be able to make life a little better for our four legged friends. Once we get it all done I will share some photos with you.

Other than that we have been waiting on the weather around here, and we have had all types, snow, rain, cold, well maybe not all cause the sunshine has been a little scarce.

Today we ran up to Rocky Mountain House to bring a load of patio furniture down from Brenda’s place to put on the deck here. And when we got back it was time to take the bus to town and fill the propane and empty the tanks. While I did that Brenda mowed the grass around our parking spot. It looked so good that once I got everything hooked back up and levelled I jumped on the big mower and caught up on some grass cutting around the yard and along our farm road. I got most of it done but I had to leave one patch uncut.
I just spotted this fellow inches before the mower ran him over. Mom must have hid him there and although I couldn’t see her around anywhere I am sure she will come back and get him later tonight. Although he was wide awake he never moved a muscle for the few minutes I was there and I am sure he will be just fine.
We are expecting company in the next couple of days and maybe things will get a little more exciting around here, well, that is if the butter cops don’t get them stopped at the border.


  1. The next time I cross into Canada, I'm gonna dis avow any knowledge of John and Brenda, least my fridge gets raided big time!!!!!

  2. What a cute little fellow that is in the grass. What if his Mom doesn't come back? Will you be able to find him a nice cozy place in the trailer with his big new horse pals:))

  3. We're certainly NOT telling the CBP where we're going other than to Alaska!! Don't want them to know we are associated with JB & Brenda. LOL!!

    Deb & Rod

  4. What a sweet little fawn. I'm glad you saw him in time.

  5. Glad I found your blog! You have some beautiful pictures! And I like the Cowboy Prayer!