Friday, June 11, 2010

Moose Hunting!

After our trip to the Tyrrell Museum on Tuesday we decided that we needed a down day around here. The weather decided that it was going to have a down day also, and it poured DOWN all day.

We got some things caught up around the farm and then decided to head for the Water Valley Saloon for Wing night and some visiting.

In the photo below Deb is explaining to my youngest son Matt her version of the elusive moose. As you can tell from the expression on his face he is not familiar with the species she is talking about.

Deb Kendall doing her Moose imitiation.

The Water Valley Saloon is a local institution in our area and a gathering place for many of the locals. Our history with the establishment goes back to opening night many years ago. Back at the far right corner of the table just across from Rod you can see the reverse G that is part of our families cattle brand “Reverse G over J”. Now we don’t always get this table but we certainly are regulars.

Today we took a spin out to Brenda and I’s favourite spot. There is a waterfall along the Bighorn Creek out at the Yaha Tinda that is a nice little walk and even if it is raining it is pretty protected down in the canyon so we thought rather than waiting and watching the rain fall we would take a drive and then a hike.

Bighorn Creek

The creek is a little high at this time of year what with the spring runoff and the two days of rain we have had. So we actually had to do a little cliff hugging to get past some of the narrow parts, and even in one place move a few rocks so that we could actually navigate the trail in without getting wet feet.

Bighorn Creek Bighorn Creek with the Kendall's 

But the hike was worth it as the water was crashing over the falls and the volumes were much higher than usual. Here is a shot of Deb and Rod at the base of the falls. Just a little bit of trivia, Brenda and I were married at the top of the cliff on the right hand side of the photo below.

 Bighorn Falls

A great trip and great company to share a visit to our favourite spot with. Now back to our real purpose for this drive. We started the week looking for Moose and the week wouldn’t be complete without finding that elusive moose for Deb. Now we finally stumbled on this pair a half mile away from the bar we ate in last night.



  1. I was greatly relieved to read on & see that no Moose's lost their lives while you folks were stumbling along after tanking up at the Water Valley Saloon. Ya, ya, I know about singular & plural Mooses.............:))

  2. Looks like a fun hike, but I'm not sure that Mrs Moose looks too happy to see you! Anyway its good that Deb finally saw her Moose so she can check that off of her life todo list, LOL.

    Rod and Loyce