Sunday, November 9, 2008

San Francisco

We have arrived. San Francisco is a place my co-pilot has never been so today is the day for new horizons. We came in on I-80 from I-505 and it was the roughest highway we have been on in a long time. Probably a little better than the Top of the World Highway from the US border to Chicken but maybe not. I guess there wasn't as much dust though. Coming in that way gives you a good look at San Francisco from across the bay and then you get to pay $8.25 for the toll to get into town. I guess that covers our tow car also. Surprisingly although we went through the truck lanes we had about 3 inches to spare from the concrete barriers at the toll booths. Once we got into town our GPS brought us right to the gate of the Candlestick RV Park. It is directly across the street from Candlestick Park, home of the 49ers.

We have a least a foot between our slide and the fellow next to us. It is clean and pretty well kept even though the neighbourhood it is in is a little rough around the edges.
Last night I polled the folks online about a place to get some Chinese food here in San Francisco and got a couple of recommendations. When we checked in here the fellow at the desk who is Chinese gave us a couple of his favourites. We have chosen to go to a place called Fook Yuen down in Millbrae. He told us that you don't go to Chinatown in San Francisco for good chinese, called the places down there Panda Express type of restaurants. I guess time will tell. And I will let you know next time whether we made a good decision or not. Eating where the locals eat has always worked for us in the past, but we don't usually get to do it in such a big place.


  1. Love the rig jb. I wish you the very best of luck with it.
    Have fun and travel safely..

  2. We love that area!! If it's like 20 degree difference from town to Candlestick. We've been to a game many times with gloves, hats and winter coats. Take your time if you can, there's lots to see.