Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For the Diesel Pusher Fan

By special request we have compiled some shots of the inside of our new coach. It is a Fleetwood Discovery 40X with the 350 HP Cummins engine. We ordered it with all the goodies, couches instead of recliners, the big fridge and heat pumps included with the air conditioners. I guess about the only thing we didn't get off the option list was the spotlight on the roof.

This is a shot of the drivers side of the living room, this model has the kitchen at the front so just like our house visitors arrive through the kitchen.

Here is a look at the living room complete with 40 inch LCD TV

Another shot looking back from the living area to the dining area. The table extends out to comfortably seat 4 and you might be able to squeeze in 6 if two are small folk, like Christopher.

Here is a look at the kitchen area. There is ample counter space and the double door fridge comes complete with water and ice dispenser. Pretty handy if it was working right, but we will soon have it fixed.

Here is a look at the passenger side seat and the entrance door. This heated seat reclines just like a lazy boy so Brenda has a pretty comfortable ride.

And this is the cockpit. Everything is handy to the driver here, including the GPS and systems to monitor tire pressure and the braking system in our tow car.

Another look from the coach up to the driver and passengers seats.

Here is a look up the hall from the rear past the door to the head, we'll dispense with pictures of that room, suffice to say it larger than most and more than ample. It also contains the washer/dryer combination.

The last four pictures are of the bedroom. It is very spacious and has a lot of storage including under the bed and the large wardrobe, as well as the built in dresser under the LCD TV.

Hope that gives you a good idea of the layout Christopher and we'll get some pictures of the outside once we get out of the rain. See you in the spring!

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