Saturday, November 8, 2008

Redding California

California we are here - we got out of Eugene this morning, no leaks visible so we hit the road. We fueled up at the Shell for 3.19 this morning. Fuel had dropped 6 cents over night so we took on a tank full of propane with the savings. Once we got out on the road we remembered that we had got going so quick we didn't have any breakfast. The weather was beautiful and the traffic not to bad. This new chassis is better handling than the old one, but we have managed to keep it down to 55, what with the price of fuel and the fact that we really are not in a hurry to get anywhere for a while. After a couple of hours travel we stopped at the Cow Creek Rest Area north of Grant's Pass to have a little brunch. That took pretty near an hour but it was a nice spot, although there were a couple of folks bumming change around there. Looked healthy and probably would be able to hold down a job but I guess mooching money is easier work. Certainly no worries about what the market is doing.

After brunch we got going and headed over a couple of steep passes to get into California. I-5 is a twisty turny hilly piece of real estate in this part of the country. Lots of trucks over heating along the way but we appear to have made it without an issue. As we came down into California we had a little more wind to contend with but nothing the old bus couldn't take in its stride.

As we went by Shasta Lake it was obvious that the water level is low, maybe a couple of hundred feet low. Going to take a lot of rain to refill that resorvoir and maybe a little restraint on the folks who are draining it. We have stopped for the night in Redding, California at a place called the Premier RV Resorts. It is certainly clean and well kept and far enough off the highway that we should not have the sound of that to lull us to sleep.

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