Saturday, July 10, 2010

Over the Last Week

We got home from the weekend at the Buffalo Creek Ranch last Sunday. Our granddaughter Claire stayed with us Sunday night and then we dropped her off with her mother Monday morning, and then popped by the Stampede grounds to pick up my volunteer pins and this years buckle. Although I am not active with the Stampede they still give me a couple of pins which allow us free access to most of the events for the ten days as a benefit of my previous activities.

Tuesday Brenda headed off to her place in Rocky Mountain House to complete packing it up. The next day I ran up with the truck and trailer to pick up a load of stuff. My son Matt is working on a rig just out of town so we coerced him into coming in and helping me load the trailer. Thanks Matt. Once we got the trailer loaded we headed back to the farm at Dogpound.

Thursday we unloaded that stuff into the house here on the farm. Brenda has been working pretty hard the last few weeks both getting her place in Rocky ready for the new owners and trying to get some sense of order in the place here down the road from Dogpound. Although she doesn’t see much change to my eyes it looks a whole lot better and although it is a long process it appears to be coming together nicely.

Other than lugging stuff in or out as needed I am mostly just in the way so have been working on the yard around here. I finally got our smaller John Deere front deck mower working again so am able to pick up the grass and leave the place looking a little neater. The big JD lawnmower does an OK job of cutting but just doesn’t give it the finished look that the smaller unit does.

Down the Road from Dogpound

The shot below is from a road about a 1 1/2 miles west of our place and we are in the treed area just to the left of centre in the photo.

From Tanis's over the district

We have had a great week weather wise although there has been a little shower activity in the evenings but that is pretty typical of our weather here in Alberta in the summer. Not to hot, not to cool, and the humidity is pretty low except during those showers….lol.

I’ve been reading our friend Rod’s blog and hearing about the invasion of his hummingbird feeder. We had a similar attack on ours a couple of winters ago near Why, Arizona. This Gila Woodpecker and a couple of his buddies seemed set on draining the feeder, that is if they didn’t tear it down before they got done.

Gila Woodpecker invasion

We have a few things to take care of in the city next week and will need to mow the lawn up in Rocky but I am hoping we can head out to the Yaha Tinda with the horses for week or so after I get their shoes reset next weekend. But we’ll see how things next week turn out next week I guess.

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  1. Well then, I'm not nuts thinking that woodpeckers like humming bird feeders. Sandra over in Ontario sent me a picture of a Gila woodpecker on her feeder too. I still cannot ID the woody guy, but he is definitely a woodpecker! And like you say, they are a bit heavy for such a little feeder.
    Have a good week, Rod