Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the Move?

Well we have been sitting here on the farm for a couple of weeks and needless to say are having a bad case of hitch-itch. Although we have lots of places to go it seems like there is always some reason that we need to be home each week and we never get around to getting going. Today Brenda is off to Rocky Mountain House for Holly’s, a friend of Lacey’s, baby shower, and I am once again mowing grass. Once that is done there is off course the Calgary Stampede rodeo finals to watch. It is the richest day in rodeo and todays winners all take home a cheque for $100,000.00, not a bad days pay.

Yesterday I spent the day with our farrier getting all of our own horses feet looked after. To keep them in good shape it is necessary to get them trimmed up and for those that we take to the mountains they need to get their feet trimmed and their shoes reset so they should be good for another couple of months. Then depending on what we are doing we will either pull the shoes off for the winter or reset them for more late fall rides.

The Lineup

I have always wanted to get some pictures of Don at work but for the most part I am busy holding horses and unable to run the camera or at least to see anything interesting. But Brenda’s horse Rosie has a mental problem with being shod so we take her to Don’s place and she gets a sedative to keep her calm. Don’s Dad was there to hold the horse so I was able to take a few photos.

Once Don was done Rosie hopped into the trailer and we headed home no worse for the wear and ready to hit the hills again whenever the mood strikes us.

Once the rodeo is over, now that the grass is mowed I am heading up to Red Deer to the Freightliner dealer to get a little work done on the rig. The last few times we have had it out it seems to want to run the engine temp right up to the red line before either the fan kicks in or the thermostat opens and it starts behaving the way it should for rest of the drive. Thought it was a good time to get ‘er looked at seeing as how we need to hit the dump in town and once we make the decision whether or not we are heading to Goshen there will nothing between us and the Escapade except 1900 miles of highway.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the sunset last night.

Sunset on the 17th


  1. Hi JB,

    You have some beautiful horses there. How do you take care of them when you're on the road?

    I appreciate your visits and comments on my blog. Thanks for your interest.

  2. Great looking horses and a great picture of the sunset!