Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot, Sunny, Cold, Rain and even a little Snow

Yep it has been a week of changes here down the road from Dogpound. We have been up near 30C and then back down around 2C, brilliant sunshine and then torrential rain. Well it is all good as long as the crops like it I guess. The Calgary Stampede is in town so that occupies a lot of my day, but rather than wandering in and braving the crowds I am enjoying the close up action with CBC everyday. The rest of the time I have been staying pretty close to home and getting some things done around the place that needed to be done.


Well that and taking a few photos around the place. The shot above is my granddaughters pony Spanky wondering where everybody has gone, Madison is down in Saskatchewan with her other grandparents and Spanky is feeling forgotten.

Now the shot below is a mountain bluebird and I am not sure whether it is a female or just a juvenile as the air is full of these guys this time of year.

Mountain Bluebird

And this is a poor shot of a red-winged blackbird but the best I could get.

Red-Winged Blackbird

Other than the usual stuff I have been battling the lawns here, altogether I think we mow about 4 acres of grass and the more you mow the more it grows it seems.

I have been reading a lot of folks blogs and there appears to be a major hunt for moose going on across the lower 48, while I might suggest head north across the medicine line and just down the road from Dogpound we seem to have a few that wander through on a daily basis. The shots below were taken this morning and I had to run back to the bus to get the camera so they have moved quite a bit farther off than when they first walked into the place.

Maybe I should trade moose sightings for lawn mowings or I can always hope Bob and Molly show up here on the northern ranges rumour has it she loves mowing grass.

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