Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day Eh!

Wednesday we had a few things to do in the city, a couple of doc appointments for Brenda, and a restocking of our provisions at Costco. But most importantly we picked up our oldest granddaughter, Claire, about noon. She is going to spend a few days with us and join us on our travels. Last night we took a run out and tried our hand at geocaching. We found one and left one as yet undiscovered for another day. Next time we will head back with a pail of mosquito dope and hopefully have better luck. The stone behind Brenda and Claire is the location of this cache. It is an “erratic” left behind by the glaciers and originally started its journey near Jasper a couple of hundred miles away from here the way the crow flies or rather the glacier flows.


Today we had a busy day planned with a lot of things to get done but the most important was our youngest granddaughter, Ella’s, first birthday party. Her mom, Lacey, had a park in the town of Rocky Mountain House staked out for the party and they had an industrial size BBQ and a bunch of picnic tables set up by the time we got there. Wow, there sure are a lot of kids in Rocky and a bunch of them turned up to help Miss Ella paint the town red, or rather her face pink.

mmm mmm good!

I am thinking there is always a photo like the one above from every 1 year olds party, must be something us old folks do to make sure we have something to threaten with once the youngsters get the photos of us drooling over our cakes at the home.

She got a bunch of gifts but the one she liked best I think was the paper cup. It seemed to entertain her all through the gift opening which she sub-contracted to her mother and one of her small cousins.

Ella's 1st-1-1


The photo below is of Brenda with two of our four granddaughters.

Ella's 1st-1-2

And here is a photo of the birthday girl walking off into the sunset.

Ella's 1st-1-3


  1. Isn't that neat, we have a Claire too, but she is in Kindergarten this year. Our one year old is taking about 3 steps in a row before crashing. Ella is too cute for words!

  2. Just wanted to say hello and wish Ella happy birthday. Gina laughed her head off when she read the comment you left pn Mike's blog. Miss you guys and hope we get to see y'all soon.

    Rollie & Gina