Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seeing a little country

Today we jumped in the Jeep and took Paul and Marti on a little drive around the country. First on the list was a visit to our favourite campground in the area. Not that we don’t love them coming here but we thought if they get tired of us and want to hang out in the area they should see our first choice. That meant a trip up to Mesa and out to Usery Mountain Regional Park. It is a beautiful spot and has some great sites there. Not fantastic like Dogpound South but pretty great anyway.


After we had a look around there we were headed towards Casa Grande for dinner at Eva’s Mexican Cafe. Well we had a little time to kill and I had just the spot to kill time in. In the long forgotten past Brenda and I had taken a tour out to Tortilla Flats for a quick visit and once I had them out there it was easy to convince them that it was just another 20 odd miles down a pretty picturesque road to get to the Roosevelt damsite.


Canyon Lake along the Apache Trail.

Well folks often mistake miles for minutes when they are thinking of driving but my memory was that this drive took a little longer as it is through some pretty spectacular territory, and seeing as how I was the only one that had been over the route before and I really wanted to show it to Paul and Marti that wasn’t going to stop me. Beautiful country though and by the time we finished it I think we were all glad to have taken the time to wander through a little more of this very beautiful country that we are so privileged to visit in the winters.



If you want to see our previous trip through this road follow this link. Once we hit the Roosevelt dam we were off to Casa Grande and some of that great Mexican food at Eva’s and thanks Paul for treating us.


  1. But Usery doesn't have Brenda's cooking!

  2. What a great trip that was. I love the rugged country and would love to hike some of the trails there.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. Thanks for the Usery Mountain photo! I do love that place!

    By the way it's Tortilla Flat not Flats. I know picky picky.


  4. Wow...great pictures. We have never gone there, but now have on our list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That was nice of you two to take your guests on a field trip. It's always nice to be toured around by the those who know the countryside.