Monday, November 26, 2012

What’s up with Willow

When I left off a week or so ago Willow was lame, well not much has changed here with regards to that. The vet was out today and it appears that she may have some soft tissue damage on her left fetlock. We have her set up with a sweat wrap and she is on a regime of anti-biotics and some bute so hopefully we will see some improvement over the next couple of days. It seems that maybe she has a cactus puncture or some bruising on the bottom side of the joint. We are hopeful that it will work itself out given a little time. But as I find out you will find out, so on to what we have been up to.

This weekend was gymkhana weekend here in Thunderbird Farms and seeing as how Willow is my secret weapon, she actually knows the barrel pattern, I was horseless for that event. I did take old Blue up and get him a little exposure but as it appears the timer in the arena times things down to the thousandth of a second but has no calendar feature so we opted out of running any of the events. So the photo’s below are some of the quicker folks who ran there.

As I was proof reading today’s offering I noticed that the young lady in two of the above photo’s was TACCs Queen and coincidentally Sundays ride captain, CC.

Sunday was TACC’s Poker Ride so Blue and I headed out to join that ride for the day. Took us about three hours on the ride and then another hour for eating the great pizza lunch they brought in.


We rode out Vekol Wash and back from the arena so we didn’t have to use the trailer as Dogpound South is just a five minute lope away from the start.


  1. poor Willow I sure hope she feels better soon...

  2. Sure hope that treatment works for Willow. Looks to be a lot of guys go riding around there that's great.

  3. Wow, that's sad that Willow is down. Hope the antibiotics and some rest do the trick. No fun when a pet is sick and can't tell you what is wrong.

  4. Hmmm, looks like a couple of barrel racers I should meet!
    Hope Willow is better soon.

  5. With Willow on the sidelines kind of keeps you grounded closer to home. Sure hope the problem is resolved quickly so that you can get them trail rides in!