Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alamo Lake State Park

This Friday we were off to Alamo Lake State Park to join a bunch of our AZBCR friends on a little ride on the weekend. It was a pretty long haul out there, took about 3.5 hours. This park is pretty close to the middle of nowhere here in Arizona but there seemed to be a bunch of bass fishermen heading here to. We found our spot and got things set up so the horses were comfortable and then sat back and watched the rest of the folks pull into camp.


Brenda had whipped up some of that good Taco soup and we shared a bowl or two with the Rogers and Modahl’s as the sun set over our camp.


Saturday morning we were up early and enjoyed watching the sun rise before getting ready for our day’s ride. Then life intervened, Brenda’s horse Willow was a little lame so riding was out of the question for her. I stripped the saddle off her and put her back on the highline.


Here she is looking like she is being left behind

Brenda decided to stay in camp and Blue and I had a training ride as he gets a little agitated when his buddy is not there. Took a couple of miles to get him settled down but eventually he straightened out and the rest of the 19.5 mile ride was pretty enjoyable. We saw a lot of country and went around the lake crossing the NE end at coincidentally “Brown’s Crossing” and heading back along the north side looking for a slot canyon we had heard was over there. We ran out of time before we found it and had to head back to camp for another great potluck dinner, this one with a little Thanksgiving flavour, turkey, ham and all the trimmings.

Here are a couple of pictures of our friends “K” on the paint mare

"K" and Delta Dawn

and our leader of the day Dave and his mule Earl.

"Hmmmm, I'm their leader, I wonder where they went?"

Sunday with Willow out of the lineup we let the others go on a short ride while we broke camp and headed back to Dogpound South. Looks like Willow will spend a little time on the injured reserve list and we will have to see how things turn out before our next ride.

For those who like to look at all the pictures of the ride here is a link that should take you there.

Alamo Lake State Park ride


  1. Poor Willow! Hope she mends quickly, what a bummer. :c(

  2. That's a bummer about Willow--hope it isn't anything serious. We always talked about boondocking out there but there is NO communication of any kind--and it's a long way to go. Beautiful spot, though.

  3. Sure hope Willow recovers and can keep Blue company again real soon. Jim loves to fish out at Alamo Lake. But it is out in the middle of no where.

  4. Fingers crossed for Willow, wouldn't want to miss too many weeks of rides... Maybe that will allow Brenda to get the knee healed up some more too...

  5. Too bad about Willow - sure hope she heals up well and fast. Great pics of the ride, John!