Monday, November 5, 2012

Week One @ DPS

Well I left off last week as we ran out to get some dinner and connect to the internet down the road at our local Bar and Grill. After using Rand’s internet and devouring our dinner we headed home for a good nights rest. Monday was time to get ahold of our own internet provider and get things rolling there. We also brought in some feed for our horses to hold them over the winter. We had some trouble with our Canadian Satellite dish so had the Directv folks hook us up to their system. Holy Smokes! After only having the TV hooked up for a couple of hours we were already sick of the political commercials, I can’t imagine our friends having to watch that nonsense for months on end. Makes a fellow appreciate the short election cycle back home. Maybe the best reason ever for non-fixed election dates.

Halloween night we delivered some candy to our neighbours kids and then headed down the road to Paula and Harvey’s Feed Store for a little community gathering, great food and even better visiting with our Dogpound South friends.

The rest of the week was spent just loafing about and getting a few miles on the horses.

Friday we got our Canadian Satellite up and running so now we officially have 500 channels of TV from two of the wealthiest countries in the world and still there is nothing worth watching except maybe for Heartland on Sunday night.

Brenda has been scouring the country for “bargoons”, as our friend Rick calls them, and managed to find a trunk that we couldn’t live without from Tanya’s 4G Ranch and a morning spent hitting the garage sales with Jill and Stasia brought a few more things to our place. Our home is looking a lot homier now and we have re-homed a bunch of stuff that we apparently couldn’t live without.

Sunday our riding friends the Modahl’s and the Roger’s arranged for a little ride through Desert Hills to help with our conditioning. Pretty flat but a little sand, some rocks (it is Arizona), and some fellowship. The horses handled it fine and I am sure that now Brenda has a new hat she will be better next weekend when we head north to the Red Rocks of Sedona for another ride.

Last night a disaster of epic proportions hit our place and Brenda’s Macbook up and quit. No big deal I thought, we have a spare PC netbook along with us, so I figured no problem, WRONG! Apparently if you are a Mac person you are unable to transition up to the PC platform without a lot of wailing and remonstrations. After discovering that the Apple store is closed at night and doesn’t have an emergency service number, the nerve, we managed to wait until the door opened at 10AM this morning. We were there at opening and luckily they were able to fix it up and get Brenda back on line without to much delay.


  1. Once you've had a Mac, you can never go back! LOL

    Glad you're settling in down there in AZ. Seems you are fitting in there just fine!

  2. You guys were quick to get settled in. That you have two satellite systems is sure to keep you entertained and informed, news wise!. We also find the 500 channel universe offers so little programming that we truly enjoy. OASIS-TV Canada is one we truly enjoy but my all time favorite remains the GOLF-TV Channel. Hard to beat that one!

    Enjoy the nice temps.

  3. 500 channels and nothing to watch? Is that why you take so many horseback rides?

  4. Oh my, we live here in Az and find so many good tv shows, we can't watch them all. If I can get the time I will e-mail you a list. Encore with the western channel, and RFD we enjoy.

  5. Thank goodness it is election day! Glad to hear Brenda is back up and running with her MAC.

  6. Nothing like finding a couple of good 'bargoons' while out at garage sales.

    Those MAC types are real wimps, I tell ya! A few days experiencing Apple Withdrawal Symptoms is good for them. Right, Brenda?

    Riding up around Sedona should be fun and great for pictures too.