Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beaver Creek Trailhead

This weekend we headed north to Beaver Creek, just a few miles from Sedona. We were meeting a bunch of our horse folk friends there and planning a ride out on Saturday. The forecast was for cool and rainy weather, but luckily we got the rainy part out of the way, for the most part, on Friday evening while we were sleeping.


Saturday morning dawned without a cloud in the sky and not even a breeze blowing. We got saddled up and ready to go and although it was a cool morning we looked to be in for a great day. Our trail boss, Frank, led us out onto the Bell Trail and over a saddle into Beaver Creek and the headquarters of the V Bar V ranch. We passed up that beautiful valley and then took a hard left onto the White Mesa trail. It was a fairly steep, especially for our slightly fat horses, and rocky trail that led up another beautiful draw. Eventually we scrambled out onto the Mesa. It looked like a great spot for a ride, scattered junipers and long grass waving in the breeze. Well pretty soon the sun went behind the clouds, the breeze picked up speed and became a pretty stiff and cold wind and that grass was growing in a bed of rocks and cactus that made for tough footing for the horses. We headed generally back towards camp looking for an old trail that would lead us down off the Mesa. We did manage to find a warm sheltered spot to break some bread and once we warmed up a little we got back on the move. Eventually we did find that old trail, although we had to ride through a short snow squall, and started to drop down into the valley again and out of the wind. It was a little warmer but by that time Brenda had got quite a chill so she spent the rest of the day trying to thaw out. Great scenery and wonderful company as usual though!

Once we got back we got the potluck dish ready to go and then headed down to Frank’s camper and his propane campfires, no woodfires allowed here, where we had a feast as usual. Folks think we are a riding club but we are really an eating club that rides. Who knew that there would be so many fabulous cooks amongst all those riders.


Sunday we hooked up and headed home and boy that heat felt good as we came down the hill into Black Canyon and the north end of the valley. Now to get loaded up for next weekends adventure.

On the non-riding front I found a pool in Chandler that is open for a couple of hours a day just for lane swimming so I am managing to get in a swim or two every week.

If you would like to have a look at all the photo’s I took on our ride this weekend follow this link

Brocket Trailhead to White Mesa


  1. Great photos John! I like the "an eating group that rides" comment. Where to next weekend?

  2. Definitely looks like a storm is coming in that first picture!

  3. You keep doing all that eating and you'll end up carrying your mounts instead of riding them... ;c)

  4. Really enjoyed the slide show. Nice photos of your trail ride.

    What's up with the 'fat' horses you spoke of?

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say hey!