Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall is Here

We have been busy doing not much of anything here at Dogpound North, although last week we brought the motorhome out of it’s shed and got it all ready to head off to the Wild Deuce Guiding and Outfitting’s annual Working Mountain Horse Competition and Sale. We aren’t in dire straits as yet but Brenda’s good horse Willow is 17 so we are always on the lookout for a younger replacement. There were lots of great horses there but the prices were a little high for our tastes. The horses we were looking at ranged from 8-17,000 dollars and although I was glad the trainers got well compensated for their countless hours of work we weren’t ready to part with that amount just yet.


Below is a picture of one of our local neighbours enjoying the sunrise as I was coming home from swimming one day last week.


Monday it was time to winterize the motorhome and slip it back into its winter home. Other than that I have just been putzing around the farm getting things ready for winter and gathering stuff to head south in a few weeks. As well as trying to get a few rides on the fat horses we will be taking to Dogpound South.


The shot below is one of the two pigs that were roasted this weekend at the Wild Deuce Sale by one of their sponsors, pretty good eating all around and sure shot my diet to bits.

And you thought your day was BAD!


  1. That is a big horse for such a little girl:) Now I feel like a pork sandwich!

  2. Great moose shot. Mike got a chuckle out of Brenda's FB comment about JB not springing for the $17,000 horse!

  3. A $17,000 horse? Wow! Maybe you should be looking for a 'rescue horse'!!

    Even though I'm a confirmed meat eater, I always feel bad when I see a pig ready to be roasted with it's head still on. I've only been to one of those and I just couldn't bring myself to try it. Does anyone ever eat that apple that's always in the pig's mouth?

  4. $17K for a horse? I'll take two, please hold the french fries. :c)

  5. Gee, for that price you buy a nice motorcycle! Just kidding, of course!!! Sounds like you will soon be heading for Dogpound South?

    We've been to a few pig roasts and it's always been a great meal....especially outdoors.