Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Early Warning System

We woke up this morning to a full alert on our Early Warning System.


Old Man Winter is just around the corner here on the Northern Ranges but the motorhome is winterized and I ran out to Lac des Arcs and got my SIL’s rig done this morning so now we just have to enjoy the good things about fall around these parts. Although the fall foliage is a little past its prime it sure does bring some colour to the winter scenes that will gradually take over the landscape.


A trip out to the mountains is always a treat but as the snow comes over the mountaintops it is even prettier.

But nice as the mountains are it is always nice to get back to Dogpound North.



  1. Uh, pretty wasn't the adjective that Brenda was using on Facebook!! LOL

  2. The mountains are definitely beautiful with the snow on them, but I would so be out of there. I can see pretty in pictures.

  3. I used to know what that white stuff is called but since we've retired I have a hard time remembering. It isn't found anyplace we go to... ;c)

    1. And a good thing it is that you don't do snow any longer. I used the antifreeze you so generously gave us to winterize my SIL's Class C this morning.

  4. So when are you getting out of Dodge??

  5. I would love to spend some time in the snow - like maybe a winter!

  6. Just a little reminder its time to GO!!