Monday, October 15, 2012

What’s up at Dogpound North

Well it has been a pretty good fall here at Dogpound North. OK we’ve had a few skiffs of snow but nothing that sticks around. And in between those little blasts of winter we have had great warm days. I have taken advantage of that warm weather to try and get our horses legged up a little for their winter in Arizona. What with the trip to London and Gay Paree’ as well as a week out on Vancouver Island, all topped off by Brenda’s knee surgery the horses have had a pretty cushy summer. Today I was finally able to take the latigo extender off my saddle and the ponies are looking ready to hit the sand soon.

A few miles in the sand of Vekol Wash will bring them up to snuff pretty quickly I am thinking.

Other than some riding we are getting all our visiting done before we head south next week. We had the whole family out for Thanksgiving dinner last weekend. Remember us Canadian snowbirds actually get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice, once here at home and once down with our southern neighbours and friends. Only fitting that we give thanks twice cause it is a pretty nice lifestyle (att. Chiklet). When I said the whole family was here I meant for supper, but a couple of them met on the road into our place so we missed out on the big group picture. To date I have got a bunch of those kind of photo’s but there is always somebody missing so we tried a different tangent this year.

Nobody was allowed off the farm till we got some photos of them. I think they turned out pretty good too.

Since that big event we have just been tinkering around getting ready to roll south. Today once I got back from my swim I emptied the storage on the horse trailer and sorted through it, Managed to get rid of a few things but as usual I managed to find a few more things to take their place and I am sure by the time we leave I will have refilled it to capacity.

The last few days their have been spirited discussions in the comment sections of Janna, Rod, and Rick’s blogs and I actually learned a lot from the exchanges and it drove me to do some more research so that I had a better grasp on some of it. So ‘they’ say any day you learn something new is not wasted so I didn’t waste my weekend.

But learning aside I think I enjoyed my time with Blue and Mack and Meg out in the hay field just as well. Sure clears your mind anyway.



  1. I didn't want to add more traffic to Jana's blog since she had a raft of comments to try and police.. So that was why I made my comments in my own blog... I've studied this health care thing for a while now and still understand very little...

    All I know is that you Canadians trust your government and politicians a lot more than we do here in the states.....

    1. Well I am not sure if we trust them more here Rod, but we keep tighter rein on their spending. I met the Prime Minister one day at the Calgary airport and his plane was smaller than mine or rather the one my company had. No 747's for him, and he left in a car with a couple of RCMP officers and no motorcade. And probably there were still folks complaining that he didn't take public transit.

  2. Great pics of your family, John. It must have been terrific to have everyone around for Thanksgiving. We missed that this year as our kids were scattered about here and there - even in Alberta!

    I see your pics upload to SkyDrive and not Picasa - you are one of the only ones I've seen who use that service. I used to but since I switched to Live Writer for posting I just use Picasa.

    You made some really good comments on the healthcare blogs and managed to avoid a lot of the pounding for some reason - how did you do that? It must be your true blue conservative attitude shining through - unlike us pinko left coasters!

    1. I am not sure why they go to Skydrive as they use to go to Picasa. Sometimes these computers do perfectly logical things all by their ownself.

      As for my comments I guess people just can't argue with "Cowboy Logic". And as I always say it is just my opinion and I really don't have a dog in the fight. Dang I love that Tommy Douglas!! ;)

  3. Wow, that was some gang you had over for Thanksgiving! Wonderful to see you got a chance to have them all in one place. Nothing better than family time together.

    Never apologize for that cowboy logic. ;c)

  4. Good blog to sum up the past while JB. Yes, Jana's blog did create some interesting dribble. 'Twas an interesting exercise to contribute to.

    Those photos you posted are keepers, that's for sure. Nice looking family!

    So, leaving the winter behind in one week? That is something to look forward to. Jeanette and I will do our level best to cruise by your Dogpound South this winter, should we fulfill our objective of spending some time in Gold Canyon - east of Phoenix. We are not quite sure when we will be getting there but we'll send some smoke signals to let yo know.

    Safe drive south.

  5. Yes John we are lucky :)