Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where Does the Time Go

Seems like just yesterday I wrote last but when I look the date is weeks ago. We have been busy around here, what with farming, and getting the place ready for fall it seems like we never have time to set a spell and write a journal entry. Here is a view of the Rockies just to the west of Dogpound North, almost makes me forget that they are blocking my view of the ocean.


And it is getting to be that time of year when the sunsets get better and better.


It has been a long spell between rides here what with the European vacation, a trip to the Island and then Brenda’s knee surgery. She has got on to test drive it and although it was hurting she is tough and will probably ride through the pain. But we better get those horses legged up so that they are ready for the winter down south.


Now we are out in the country here but I am sure our mail is delivered by truck not the Pony Express but this is how the tech at our local vet clinic chose to pick up her mail one day.

Pony Express rider?

And of course the girls came to visit us, and I managed to get a photo of all of them sitting still for a minute or two. Alle must be watching the news on TV or something, she’s curious that way.


And of course I got a little time with them myself.


I have been giving a neighbour of ours a hand with his harvest activities. Everything from baling small squares to the big round bales of straw and even a little combining as well as moving all those bales back to the hay yard.


Although the machinery is a little bigger than when I was a kid, I think it all uses pretty near the same technology as it comes back pretty fast once you get going. Something about combining in the dark focuses you on the small circle of lights around you and clears your mind of all the rest of the world. One difference though this combine had a cab so no chaff down your neck, that is a big improvement. Smile

Best Seat in the House

But even with the farming we managed to sneak out on a little drive in the West Country just in time to see the colours changing.


For those who are interested, I am still swimming every weekday morning and averaging 2000 metres a day, so that gets me started early and on the way home I found these two moose calves contemplating their breakfast.


And then was lucky enough to catch them chowing down. They are big enough now that they can lift Ma right off the ground.


Sunday we brought the motorhome out of it’s shed and are getting it all spiffed up and ready to head north to the Wild Deuce Mountain Horse Competition and Sale. We are looking forward to seeing Chuck and Terry and of course Taylor and spending a few days watching the goings on there.


  1. Great photos John--fall is such a gorgeous time of year!

  2. Terrific photos of the Rockies and the sunsets, John. The family pics of you and Brenda with the grands are real keepers too! Beautiful Grandchildren.

  3. Amazing photo of mama moose and her kids. Not quite as cute as Brenda and her kids, though.

    Do your grandkids recognize you without your cowboy hat?

  4. Beautiful pics as usual, glad your new speedo is still coming in handy. :)

  5. Sounds as though you are really enjoying helping out the neighbor(s) with harvest. The modern combines do make life easier and cleaner for the operator. I love the photo of the horse at the post office. Seems fitting to collect one's mail though.

    All the other photos looked great too...and yes, move them mountains aside and you could (if at a high enough elevation) see the Pacific Ocean.