Sunday, February 19, 2012

On the Trail Again

Friday afternoon we loaded the horses and headed our trailer down the road to a spot just to the SE of Casa Grande. We were joining some folks from the Arizona Back Country Riders for a journey through the Picacho Mountains.


We found a great spot with good scenery and a tree to fasten our high line so the horses don’t need to be tugging on the side of the trailer, and they seem to be enjoying the freedom of the high line.


Friday night, as usual, there were only a couple of other folks at the site, so it was an early night.


We were up with the sun and soon we were saddled and ready to ride.


We headed off on some jeep trails and over a ridge in the mountains to the other side. The desert is pretty nice this time of year. Things are starting to green up and spring is just around the corner here on the Southern Ranges, even our northern horses are shedding out.

One of the stops along the way was at some Petroglyphs that Brenda captured to share.


It was interesting to find some ancient writings interspersed with more modern stuff. Some might call it graffiti but I guess in a couple of thousand years it will all be a great archaeological find again.

After the ride we finished up the evening with a potluck which as usual had some great food and even better company.


Too soon it was Sunday morning and time for us to start getting our rig ready to travel home, but not without a last look around for some more photo’s and of course the “see ya agains” that we share with our new and old friends.


These two horses were sharing a morning dust bath with the rising sun.


  1. That looks like so much fun. Loved the pictures of the horses in the fog.

  2. What fun it all sounds like ~ GREAT photos especially love the morning shot of the horses...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Got yourself some nice photos there & especially the dusty horses. Looks like a great riding time. We are all sooooo fortunate to be here in Arizona for the winters. What a great State this is. Thanks for the offer on the satellite dish a few weeks ago by the way. Ivan & Wandering Willy did a fine job repairing our broken dish. Enjoy your rides Dude:))

  4. Great picture of the horses JB!

  5. Wonderful photos and nice description of the ride you were on.

    Those horses of yours take you places our iron horse simply cannot go. We do enjoy following your rides though.

  6. oh wow guys what a great time you had and great pictures esp love the one of the horses in the fog...!!!! have a super rest of week....

  7. HI John and Brenda

    Sounds like you guys are doing the same as us. We how ever have not retired yet but hope to this year. We just came home from 3 months in Arizona with our horses. We are from Langley BC and blog our trips and have a web site called

    I would love to add your blog to my web site too. Let me know if that would be ok for you.