Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friends come to Visit

We had company down here at Dogpound South. Sunday afternoon Rod and Loyce dropped in for an afternoon of sitting in the sun swapping stories and another great meal from Brenda. We managed to introduce them to Mack and the ponies. Biscuit behaved while she was here and didn’t put the run on Mack or Meg and even got out and played a little ball with them.



Rod on the left, me, and Bill K on the right, and Blue in the background.

After a big meal, and a little ball with the pups we had a bowl of fresh baked apple pie topped with some of that good Texas Blue Belle ice cream before we bid Rod and Loyce adios, and vaya con dios. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your new project, we can hardly wait to visit your new digs in the fall.


Monday morning broke bright and early and Bill started on a project that Brenda had hooked him into doing. She has wanted to have a portion of our living room carpet replaced with laminate and Bill is one of those handy kind of guys who just can’t say no. Remember last time he visited he changed all our bathroom countertops and sinks. Here are a couple of before and after shots.



Thanks Bill for the great job. And now maybe I can convince Brenda to give you a few days off to enjoy the weather.


  1. so glad you got to see Rod and Loyce...I'm sure the food was divine....that guy Bill is as handy as a pocket in a shirt...get out your ta do list Bren :)

  2. Divine isn't a good enough adjective to describe the meal that Brenda cooked for us on Sunday afternoon. The ribs were so tender that they fell from the bone and melted in your mouth. But the height of the meal was the hot from the oven apple pie. The dusty cinnamon mixed with the melting ice cream and created Oh, my heavens.........!

    Thanks Brenda!!!

  3. Good to see you met Rod & Loyce sounds like you all had a fun day. We replaced our carpeting and vinyl flooring when the wood got wet with a laminate floor, and not only does it look good it's easy to keep clean, the carpet would just attract the dog hair and even vacumnning it daily you could never get it all out. Now it just sucks it right up.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Oh, I like what Bill did! Good job Brenda!

  5. That laminate looks GREAT! Good choice.

  6. John! You were outside without your cowboy hat???!!! Are you feeling okay? Seeing pictures like that make us worry about you. ;c)

    Nice results on the flooring. You're gonna' wind up keeping that place...

  7. You have been busy with company! Great jog on the laminate flooring. Looks really nice.

  8. Hi John and Brenda

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    I see you have been to many of the places we have.
    We just got home from 3 months of traveling in Arizona but came home a little early. It is still wet and cold here in Vancouver.
    Hope we can share some travel stories and I would love to add your blog to our camping and horses web site too.

    Kelly Allen