Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weather Break

For the last 40 days and nights it has been raining non-stop here at Dogpound North. Well maybe not quite that long but it sure feels like it. Tuesday there was a little break in the downpour and we got some fertilizer spread over the farm here. Luckily they come to do it with a Low Ground Pressure rig so he managed to get it spread even in the low spots that still have a little water laying about. Toward the end of the video you get a shot of one of those low spots.

Once the fertilizer was spread it was time to get some seed in the ground. In this part of the country Timothy Hay is the big crop and we have been in between hay crops on about half of our place for the last couple of years so this year we are seeding it back to hay with a nurse barley crop over top. That will mean next year our spring work will consist of floating and fertilizing both jobs which are not so weather dependent. We don’t actually farm our own land we have a neighbour who share crops it so he was busy out there the last couple of days getting it seeded back down and then harrowing it and finally rolling it. Just like a lawn but I am sure it won’t take those moles (pocket gophers) long to get it all lumped up again.


That misty kind of stuff floating in front of the land roller and tractor is a substance that down in Arizona we would call dust but it has been a while since we have seen any of it here at Dogpound North. There are still 6 or 8 acres that were to wet to seed so we are hoping that over the next week or so we will get a little drying trend going so that we can get those final acres back in crop.

Other than all the excitement of getting our land back into production we have been having a pretty laid back week. Yesterday we headed into town though and took in the Cirque de Soleil equine extravaganza Cavalia. They don’t want a bunch of psuedo photographers trying to capture an Oscar winning movie so they ask that you refrain from video or photography and knowing just how hard it sometimes is to get a horse to do some things I respected that wish. You can imagine what might happen with a flash going off in your eyes just as you leave the horses back on a jump. I did find this video on the internet that shows some of the highlights and those of our readers with high speed connections should enjoy it but those of you with dial-up may want to skip the pleasure.

If in your travels you stumble across this troupe and like horses at all this is a great show. The tickets are pricey but well worth the money I thought.


  1. Interesting stuff about getting the land back into production. Especially for a former city girl like myself! :)

  2. Hey good to see that you are doing well. Sherri and I are relaxing in Northern La for a while before we return to work. Hope to see you guys next winter