Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost Gone

Well the grass is cut and most everything is ship shape around Dogpound North, so Friday we will hit the road north to Miss Ella’s birthday celebration and then it is southbound and down. We are heading into the furnace that holds Dogpound South.

Today we took the rig up to Red Deer, we are having a few minor issues looked at while we are gone, so we are without our home right now. Seems strange to be in the big house with all this space but none of our familiar stuff around us. We are pretty fortunate to have our exit plan already set up but I still wonder what I have left in the rig that I won’t be able to live without for the next couple of weeks.

As for blogging material I am afraid we don’t have anything exciting to report, unlike Rod and Deb who are doing a bang-up job of sharing their explorations of Washington D.C., and Dee is touring around Canada’s capital, and Al is doing his usual great job of keeping us entertained with his photo’s and insights into his own world down there in Bayfield. Ed and Marilyn are moving forward after their devastating fire and have just today acquired a new Mobile Suites 5er to restart their trek to Colorado for the summer. Rollie and Gina are visiting with Mike and Janna in Montana, while Pat and Mike are enjoying their new trike in the Black Hills. And of course Rick and Paulette are home on Vancouver Island where Rick is working hard to keep the blogosphere up to date on technical issues, and Ivan and Hailey are sneaking out of the Alberta foothills to see bits and pieces of Western Canada. Now I am not going to recap everyone's whereabouts but there are a lot of folks enjoying the cooler weather in the northern states and migrating towards the Escapade in Gillette that Bob and Molly are the chief hoogama’s for. So any of you along I-15 keep your eyes peeled for our little black truck as we will be flying a little low heading south.


A view south off the lawn of Dogpound North, those specks are our horses enjoying that tall grass.

We are planning on just popping in on the place down south and then heading back up to see the Grand Canyon and work our way through eastern Utah and Wyoming and then into Montana on the way home. We are planning on visiting with Old WR, whose working in Vernal, Utah and then stopping and seeing that beautiful country around Mike and Janna’s in south central Montana.


Sunset through some of that Northern Alberta smoke and a few Southern Alberta clouds.

Oh and I wouldn’t want to forget that Dortha down in Fort Worth is having a birthday today so Happy Birthday Dortha.


  1. road trip sounds like a great idea!!!

  2. Hey John, thanks for the shout out...cheques already in the mail:)) Sounds like you folks have some busy travel days lucky guys.

  3. Thanks for the comment, JB. We're having a blast here in DC! Travel safe, my friends.

    Deb & Rod

  4. Your sunset shot through the smokey clouds is wonderful!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Wow certainly sounds like a great adventure you're heading out on... I am lovin your photos especially the sunset!!! Awesome☺ Have a super day my friend!

  6. A trip, no matter what you're driving is still a great adventure.

    Don't forget the shorts and sunscreen. Have a good time and enjoy the Grand Canyon.

  7. Sounds like a good trip, especially if you like hot weather. :) How long will you be on the road?

  8. What a great trip you have planned, sounds like it should be interesting and a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the mention, too.

    Happy Canada Day and safe travels.

  9. Enjoy your summer trip across the medicine line, and keep Brenda away from the Wal Marts, you only have a small truck!!! LOL

  10. wow great sound trip!!! Don't get lost in that big house...funny how it becomes 'unfamiliar' to us after spending so much time in the rig...we are working diligently since our return from Ontario to get everything finished up here so we can hit the road without having anything on our minds...take care and travel safe...