Saturday, June 25, 2011

Company at Dogpound North

We have been having fairly nice weather around here the last few days. No I don’t mean it has stopped raining but it has certainly slowed down a little. We are actually seeing a little sunshine on most days and although it is not drying up as quick as I would like it is great to see the sun from time to time.

Since my last entry I had the horse trailer up to Red Deer to get a couple of cabinets installed in the living quarters and then a visit in town with my Dad the next day. Other than that we have been mowing grass and cleaning up things around the place. Seems like there is an endless supply of “stuff” here that needs to be relocated to the dump. Only thing to do is start somewhere and work your way out, so that is what I have been up to.

Friday morning while I was relocating stuff I got a text message from our daughter Rebecca saying her and Ved were on their way to the farm to camp out with us. That exciting news got Brenda working on a menu for the weekend so we are in for some good eating, not unusual around here, but I am sure there will be some special things that just plain old “John Brown” may not have got on his own.


Ved and Bec arriving at the farm

Friday was the day our granddaughter Claire was to come out to have a visit with Grandma and Grandpa, before leaving for 3 weeks or a month at the lake, so late in the afternoon I ran into the city to pick her up at her Mom’s house after school. I picked up a few things at the grocery store on the way so we have all the things you need to have a campout on hand now. Smokies, Smore’s and Shrimps. We are planning on having Shrimp Taco’s for lunch Saturday and much to our chagrin the seemingly endless stock of Shrimps that we have acquired from the Gulf of Mexico has been depleted and we had to purchase some frozen ones, at a price that would make our southern neighbours shudder.

Although the rain made appearances from time to time throughout the evening we did manage to sit out around the fire for a good long time, and get some Smores eaten. Oh by the way Rebecca is at 31 weeks and counting, and I really do mean counting the time till she is due with our newest grandson. Coincidentally Labour Day and her due date are one and the same.


Saturday dawned bright and sunny so we had most of the day to enjoy another nice Alberta summer day around the campfire while Claire made us some brownies and Brenda whipped up a rhubarb custard pie. Boy when you put those two together you have a combination to die for. I think I have discovered my new favourite desert.  While all that cooking was going on Ved and I managed to resolve a lot of the worlds problems sitting around the fire.


Above is a picture of Claire and her Dad’s little pup, Mack, and below are Ved and Becky’s two pups, Nico on the left and Milo on the right. And for those who are wondering Ved gave Meg a little exercise chasing a stick so she is happy to have the company around.


Next week is shaping up to be a “get ready” type of week, Friday we are up to Rocky Mountain House for Miss Ella’s second birthday, it is a big holiday in this family and there are sure to be fireworks and I think the whole country is taking the day off to celebrate. Oh, coincidentally that is also Canada’s birthday, but that is not such a big deal for us. Then bright and early next Saturday we are heading off with just our pickup for Dogpound South. That will be the first time we have left home without our home in a couple of years, but we are hoping to make a flying trip into that scorching climate and get out quick while having a look around through Eastern Utah and part of Wyoming on the way home. Call that fair warning Mike and Janna, you guys are on our must stop list, right up there with the Grand Canyon.


  1. That's a lot of goings on since your last post! Phew!

  2. your time is just flying on by!..busy busy busy!!..nice to have company and get some good 'eats'!

  3. "Only thing to do is start somewhere and work your way out."

    Now there's a great phrase pertaining to the elimination of 'stuff.' Gotta remember that one next time I have a bunch of junk to go through.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you guys--we have a guest bed for you too if you want to stop over.