Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another day at Dogpound North

Another few days gone by and not a whole lot done. We have our place seeded except for about 10 acres that is to wet, and the rain the past few days isn’t helping that but it is what it is and the bulk of the seed is benefiting from the rainy weather. Over the weekend my Dad was out to the farm and working on thinning out some of his treasures that are here at the farm. It was a productive weekend from that perspective and I have a truck load of stuff for the Thrift Store. Here is a shot of Dogpound North from out near our grain bins. The house with the green roof is my son Matt’s and the one in the foreground is Dad’s old house. You can’t see the motorhome as it is in it’s spot to the left.


Today was a medical day as my friend Rod in Kansas calls them, I just love laying in that culvert, they call an MRI, for an hour and a bit while they try to determine if my heart is still beating or not. Today they asked me to participate in another study and that added an additional 15-20 minutes to the regular time. Good thing they don’t charge by the hour for that machine, as it was a part of the regular medical system here it cost me $7.00 for parking and that was it. A far cry from the almost $800.00 that going the private route cost for my knee, oh, but I didn’t have to pay parking there…lol.

Today the truck came to haul last years barley out of here. It is heading down to make some feeders fat around Picture Butte, in southern Alberta. Sorry all you beer drinkers, Alberta Beef is more important right now, or we will all end up eating this stuff Deb, who used to write a blog, ferretted out on the internet.


With any luck he will be back for the second load later tonight and we will have got all of last years production to market. Yep the shot below is the final load and our bins are empty, just waiting for that rain cloud in the background to get this years crop growing.


As usual although I have been pretty lazy Brenda is working up a storm around here getting things in shape. She finally got enough sunshine to let her bring out her favourite toy, yep a pressure washer, and clean up the deck and the driveway, and I did manage to get the outside yard mowed and also Matt’s yard before the rains predicted for tomorrow settle in for a few days.


I saw that Ivan over at Roadtrip 2010 was out to the Yaha Tinda showing a friend around, I hope you swore him to secrecy Ivan so he doesn’t tell everyone about that little bit of heaven. He didn’t find us out there as our ponies and us are hard at work battling the grass growing around here and haven’t found time to head west this month.


Another couple of weeks and we will be running down I-15 heading for Dogpound South.


  1. We have sunshine--I'll try to send some your way guys!

  2. I loved your photos, especially that incredible storm, and the barley hauler. Beautiful.

  3. Yep, get those bins cleaned out, and if the lord is willing, perhaps there will be some more crop again this year.

    The 100* plus days down there in Dogpound South, might be a tad bit of a shock after all the cool spring days you folks have had.

    Oh, ya those medical days........kinda like a piece of meat on a slab, well not quite that bad, but it seems like it when you are the one laying on the table.

    Have a good trip.

  4. We know of what you speak about rain, rain, rain. Our six days in Calgary, most recently, only delivered one day of sun. Southern Alberta is the greenest I've witnessed in years....and quite cool too.

    Wishing you a good trip down to Dogpound South.

  5. You look way too busy for a retired guy.

    Is this what retirement is like? Don't want any part of it! ;c0

  6. Looking mighty green out your way for sure. I hear it gets pretty hot in that Phoenix/Maricopa area this time of year. We have never been in the southwest durning the summer months so will be interested to hear what you think of & how you handle the heat.

  7. Glad all is well... Hope Brenda's knee quits hurting so much!
    Have fun