Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to Update the Blog

It has been a while since we last updated the blog. Strangely, that is the only time I can tell for sure that folks are reading it, when they send messages wondering how come I haven’t written anything for a few days.

Not to much exciting going on here at Dogpound South but I will try to catch you up on all the comings and goings. First off, Miss Ella. She has had a rough week but appears to have turned a corner back up there in Rocky Mountain House. Seems that her stay in the hospital, although short, might have enabled her to run down a few extra bugs to take home. Hopefully they have all run their course and she is on the road to recovery now.

Grandma was up there for the hospital stint too and when she came back down here to the sunny south, I am thinking she brought a few of those bugs along with her also. After the initial flush of euphoria Smile at re-joining me down here she also spent 3 or 4 days under the weather recovering from her trip to the vast frozen wasteland that they call winter in Canada.

Things around Dogpound South are slowing down a little bit, the crushed rock has all been spread, so the trucks and bobcats have moved on to their next jobs. Now there is just the painting crew working in and around the casita to keep an eye on. Looking at it last night after they all cleared out it appears that the texturing has been done, and all the door and window casings have been updated so I imagine there will be some actual painting done over the next day or two. Then it will just be waiting for the cupboards to be completed.

The other day some old Shell friends and folks who we traveled with a bit a couple of years ago stopped by for a visit. It was good to see Dennis and Denice and catch up on their journeys over the last 8 or 9 months as they have traversed Canada and most of the United States to get them to this spot where they are waiting on winter to loosen its icy grasp on our homeland before they head back north.

We are starting to see that inevitable migration north is starting for many of our Canadian snowbird friends. Last night we went to Eva’s Mexican Cafe in Casa Grande to bid farewell to another two couples who started north this morning. Brenda is not a huge Mexican fan but this has become her favourite restaurant so you can believe it is good food.



  1. Welcome back! Was thinking of you today and was going to email you to see where you have been. Will be updating my blog in the next few days. . .am planning my next travel adventure and no, this time it does not involve a Fort - somewhere much more exotic! (but I am going to Fort McMurray tomorrow :-))

  2. Good to read that all is well at Dogpound South and that Miss Ella is on the upper side of the healing process.

  3. Yep, a frozen wasteland is a good description of Canada in winter alright. Always amazes me how an almost tropical humid envirenment during summer months in Ontario can go to a complete Siberian landscape with everything froze up during the winter. Sounds like Dogpound South is shaping up nicely. Soon you will be standing around with hands in pockets looking to create the next project. I like when that happens:))

  4. And I see on FB that you guys are being invaded by the Kendall/Meachum clans--enjoy yourselves!

  5. Now we need to see pics of the casita! Last week's weather from North Dakota said they got 10-12 inches of heavy snow. It was 90 here that day... And Mom wants to know when I'm moving home! LOL

  6. Good hearing ya again JB..... Hope you don't get that bug,,,,I was sick this year for a week! First time in probably 10 years that I've even had the sniffles.. Not Fun!