Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ella Has Left the Building!

She was discharged from the hospital and sent home with her Mommy and Daddy to recover. Grandma is staying in Edmonton for another day or two to continue HER recovery. Smile And then she will be off to help with Ella next week before returning here to Dogpound South.

There is not a lot going on here but over the next week or so things will start to ramp up as we have a painting crew and a rock haul going on at the same time. Could make for an interesting texture in the paint. Winking smile

I am still managing to get my walk in everyday and the last few mornings Bill has joined me for it while he is staying here. Margaret returned to Dogpound South in the middle of the night last night from her visit home to see her mother. All is well on the Dease Lake front now also.




  1. Nice sunset Glad that Miss Ella is doing good

  2. Now Ella will recover in no time, being at home with Mom, Dad and Grandma. Thanks for the wonderful news!

  3. Great news about Ella! Just hope Grandma recovers as well.

  4. Great news!! God is GOOD!!

  5. Great news about Ella! Now Grandma can relax and enjoy her visit too.

    What a gorgeous picture!

  6. Now that I's finally floundered onto yer blog, just wanted ya to know that All is well on Dis Lake front now also, where we is a currently broke down, or at least Ol' 5th Wheel is a braked down.

    Them glimpses the Feller Upstairs gives us on occassion like in yer picture, helps settle our fears, don't they.

  7. Blessed news about Miss Ella. Grandma being there is 'good medicine' for all. The sunset photo is absolutely splendid; thank you for sharing!

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