Monday, March 7, 2011

Catching Up

Brenda reminds me that our blog is getting a little behind. We originally started this as a blog to update our family on our RV’ing adventures and we haven’t been doing a lot of traveling the last month or so. Since we acquired Dogpound South we have been hanging pretty close to our new southern headquarters. What with fences to build and a thousand other things that come along with owning property we have been busy but not doing anything that is really interesting. Just hanging out and getting comfortable here in the Maricopa area. Our goal this spring was to get the place in good enough shape that we felt comfortable bringing some horses south with us next year and I think we are there. We have a lot of other stuff to do but we are getting estimates and making arrangements for some of that to happen later this spring or over the summer while we are gone.

There have been a few highlights over the last week or so though. Bill and Margaret from Dease Lake stopped by to borrow a suitcase, she is going home to deal with some family medical issues, and the next day after Margaret flew north to Terrace, Bill moved their rig down here to Dogpound South and is going to spend some time hanging out with me. He is a pretty handy guy so to bad I don’t have a lot of projects to get done this week.

Yesterday I ran into Sky Harbor airport (note to Paul – notice no “u” in Harbor) and picked up my cousin Mickey and her husband Jeff as they are coming down to their southern “home” for a few weeks before they head back for a winter vacation as they call it outside of Edmonton, Alberta. They were telling me that there is no danger of a population explosion amongst the brass monkey community up there as it has been pretty cold all winter and the monkeys are suffering irreparable reproductive damage. Some of our RV’ing friends will know Mickey as “JB’s cousin” from the comment section of their blogs. She is most of yours biggest fan and keeps up on all the goings on of our blogging community. Along the sidebar of my blog Mick’s DIL writes the blog called Currie’s Corner to keep her family updated on the goings on of her San Antonio family.

We have had a few pretty nice sunrises here at Dogpound South this week.


Many of our readers know that Brenda headed home last week and has been visiting with her daughters and Ella for the last 7 or 8 days. I think she is really enjoying her visit but the real purpose of the visit was to be home for Ella’s kidney surgery tomorrow. Lacey, Clayton and Ella are heading to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton for a pre-appointment meeting today and then we should hear, if and, when the surgery will take place tomorrow. Ella has had a cold all week and Grandma has been staying with her so that she didn’t have to go to daycare or outside to much so hopefully she has recovered enough that the doc thinks it is OK to go ahead with the scheduled surgery tomorrow. Later: surgery is on for 0800 tomorrow. For the next while we will be praying for steady hands and sharp eyes for the surgeon and a successful resolution for our youngest granddaughter tomorrow. We know that our RV’ing friends and our blog reading community will join us in our prayers. Thanks in advance for those prayers.

I’ll leave you with some of MY favourite Ella shots.


  1. May God watch over Ella during this trying time in her young life! We are certain things will work out for her and her parents and grandparents.

    Rod and Loyce

  2. Prayers have been said for Miss Ella every night here.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. May God watch over Miss Ella's surgery team and may she come through this surgery with flying colors.

  4. Special prayers going out for Miss Ella, what a sweetheart.

  5. Ella is so beautiful..may she come through this surgery with flying colours..our thoughts are with you!!..

  6. I'll be thinking about Ella tomorrow and hope all goes well. I'm sending lots of love and prayers that way.

  7. We are praying that God will wrap His arms around little Ella and comfort and protect her as she goes through the surgery. Hugs.....Pat & Mike

  8. See, you're becoming "Yankeefied" already. Good for "U". :c)

    Count on our prayers for little Ella too.

  9. Our thoughts and wishes will be for Ms.Ella as she has to go through this, and also for her parents and extended family.

  10. John and Brenda...

    Sherri and I both are sending prayers skyward for a good outcome to the surgery. please let us all know how things go and rest assured our hearts are there with you both.

    Joe and Sherri