Thursday, March 17, 2011

Down the Road at Dogpound South

Well another week has almost come and gone here at Dogpound South. There have been lots of happenings but nothing that makes for that interesting a blog. Since I wrote last Thursday Ella has been home and although doing OK she has a touch of the flu and the doc wants her to come back into the Children’s Hospital in Edmonton so they can watch her a little closer. So tomorrow Ella, her Mom, and Grandma will head back to Edmonton, hopefully for not to many days. Updated today, they are home with all systems go.

Back here on the southern front we have been progressing some renovations around the mobile that is onsite here and spreading a little rock around to make a more solid base that may not blow around as much on those windy days that seem to happen from time to time here at Dogpound South. We have hauled in about 300 tons of crushed granite and then spread it about 2 inches deep over the non-paddock parts of the place here. With a little watering it sets up pretty good and makes a hard surface that seems to resist the wind. That’s the theory at least.

Brenda was wanting a few pictures to update herself on what is happening down here in her absence so here is one of the inside of the house.


And a rock operation going on.



And although the rock is not all spread here is a sneak preview of the almost finished product.


Believe me all that rock took a lot of raking to get smooth.
And don’t let me forget I was over to cousin Micks for a Pool Party with her, Jeff, and their houseguests Mel and Alma. Thanks for the invite Mick and as a Macnab it was good to see that you are following the old family tradition of serving tube steaks to all who want them.



  1. John the place looks real good. I can't wait to visit and check out the surounding area with you. We need to catch up on everything and a long stroll would do us both good. Sherri and I bought us a new MH last week and we are heading to Florida to pick it up. We leave tomorrow and hope to arrive there Monday.

  2. nice work on the updates, John!..Brenda won't recognize the place when she comes back.

  3. Sounds like the quarry down there has your number on speed dial!! The folks that sold you the place won't recognize it when you get done for sure.

  4. Looking good for sure there John. Wonder if that crushed stone is similar to what we call 'Pea Stone.' Should do a good job in keeping the dust down alright.

  5. Ain't photoshop wonderful fer gittin' rid of all the evidence of that wild party in them pictures you posted.

  6. Lookin' good, JB!
    I am so glad that Ella is alright now, after her surgery and flu.
    That's a good looking pad for the Dogpound South, I expect Brenda is looking forward to being back with you.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  7. Looks like things are progressing nicely....looks wonderful.

  8. That looks like too much work for a retired guy to be doing, right?

    Although it does look mighty nice.

  9. Nice job JB. The place is lookin good!!